Software Robots are Driving Big Changes in Manufacturing

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I’ve spent years on manufacturers’ shop floors, quality clinics, procurement and engineering mezzanines, and attached offices. That experience made me realize that manufacturing companies run one of the most complex operations in the world.

Because of that, I always encourage cross-functional and influencing styles of leadership. I joined UiPath because I believe our automation technology can make manufacturing’s many hands-off and cross-functional processes mistake proof and efficient. Physical robots have already transformed the plant floor. And now software robots are transforming everything else in manufacturing.

Take, for example, this use case that shows how all the different processes around manufacturing quality can benefit from machine learning (ML) and automation by using UiPath Business Automation Platform.

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Manufacturers are seeking automation in five specific areas

Our manufacturing experts understand the challenges manufacturers face and believe UiPath technology has proven itself as a path to innovation. UiPath manufacturing customers include industry leaders such as Bridgestone, Nissan, Fujitsu, Siemens, and Unilever.

Moreover, we understand that manufacturing is not a monolith. It has distinct segments, such as automotive, consumer goods, discrete industries, and process industries. Each has particular needs and its own approach to business.

Manufacturers seek automation in five specific areas:

  1. Using automation to empower employees and help them achieve more

  2. Streamlining client engagement across all channels to build stronger connections with customers

  3. Driving the automation of value-adding operations within and across company borders

  4. Rethinking supply chains (now more than ever) across a company’s value chain and its industry ecosystem

  5. Improving and shortening new product lifecycles through automation

UiPath Business Automation Platform has the demonstrated ability to automate the business operations across the entire value chain of the manufacturing entity.

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Source: UiPath

Become a fully automated manufacturer

In a fully automated manufacturer, automation connects systems, software, applications, and processes so they work smoothly together. Personal robots take on repetitive tasks, freeing people for higher-value work.

Everyone has access to the power and promise of robotic process automation (RPA). And automation is the delivery device that lets you bring artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere it needs to go.

Hundreds of thousands of citizen developers and thousands of customers are using the UiPath Business Automation Platform to implement automation in all industries and value chains. Our talented team members and partners are always willing to lend a hand in driving end-to-end automation, making life easier for workers on the shop floor, office professionals, and company executives.

Let’s start a conversation. Reach me on LinkedIn with questions about how software robots can help your manufacturing facility.

Bhavesh Joshi manufacturing automation
Bhavesh Joshi

Americas Manufacturing Lead, UiPath

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