Missing an API Integration? Build Your Own Connector

uipath connector builder public preview

Increasingly, companies are relying on prebuilt, API-based connectors to accelerate building automated workflows.

API-based connectivity is essential for the creation, scalability, and availability of superior enterprise automation.

But what happens when prebuilt connectors aren't available for your automation’s required integration?

Companies know productivity gains, including substantive cost reductions, can be delayed by system integrations that are time consuming or unavailable. Providing closely aligned, embedded API integration capabilities is key to eliminating those integration issues.

UiPath Integration Service

UiPath Integration Service seamlessly combines API and user interface (UI) automation, playing a major role within the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

Released in November of 2021, Integration Service provides application data across the UiPath Platform. Once application connectivity is established, third-party system data is consistently accessible across Studio, Orchestrator, Automation Cloud™, Automation Hub, UiPath Robots, Assistant, Apps, and the new UiPath Studio Web.

Combining UiPath best-in-class automation capabilities—with necessary business data—enables people to assign robots to any number of processes, including:

  • Order-to-cash

  • Procure-to-pay

  • Sales-to-order

  • Contact-to-lead management

  • Proposal-to-contract processing

Select your app from our connector catalog

Available application data begins with the Integration Service connector catalog and its collection of prebuilt, curated application connectors. Users can quickly select the application connector needed for their automated workflows. Salesforce, ServiceNow, NetSuite, Adobe Document Services, SAP Concur, and Coupa connectors are all available in the large and rapidly growing integration library.

But what happens if Integration Service doesn’t have the prebuilt application connector you need?

Meet Connector Builder for Integration Service

Connector Builder provides a simpler (and surprisingly fast) way of adding new native API integrations to the connector catalog. Once published, your creations can be shared via UiPath Marketplace.

Connector Builder is a new UiPath Integration Service feature that supports the creation of custom connectors using any RESTful API. The feature enables you to build the type of rich capabilities you’ve come to expect from best-in-class connector providers.

Once a new connector is published, you’ll be able to immediately use the new automation integration across any UiPath product where Integration Service is available.

Join the Connector Builder experience

We’re inviting UiPath Business Automation Platform users to join the Connector Builder public preview.

IT teams, robotic process automation (RPA) developers, and citizen developers can see first hand how rapidly users can build and add their own connectors, based on third-party APIs.

Simply select “Add a new Connector” from the upper-left hand corner of the Integration Service connector catalog:

Connector builder screenshot

Once in the public preview, use Connector Builder to create a custom connector to any RESTful API.

For a broader look at the role APIs play in modern business automation platforms, we invite you to read our white paper, How API Integration Supports Process Automation.

charlie greenberg uipath product marketing manager
Charlie Greenberg

Senior Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

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