Introducing UiPath Ventures

introducing uipath ventures first investment

More than 15 years ago, our founders started UiPath because they realized automation could help humans reduce the time and stress that comes from menial, administrative business tasks. With UiPath, they pioneered a new class of technology and gave people the time to focus on the creative work they enjoy, the work they set out to do. They created software robots so people didn’t have to be robots. And in the process, they gave rise to one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology companies ever. While UiPath has merely scratched the surface of our potential, we’ve also learned some valuable lessons along the way.

With that in mind, we see an opportunity to share our experience and passion for fostering the next generation of innovative technology solutions harnessing the power of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

That’s why we’re excited to announce UiPath Ventures, along with our investment in airSlate, a leading SaaS platform that serves more than 900,000 customers and over 100 million users worldwide with its no-code workflow automation, electronic signature, and document management solutions. airSlate’s portfolio of award-winning products, airSlate, pdfFiller, and signNow, empower individuals and small businesses to create, innovate, and automate to digitally transform their organizations to run faster and easier.

Now more than ever, we see huge demand from organizations of all sizes that need the agility and efficiency of the no-code airSlate platform to drive their business. This investment from UiPath Ventures affirms the vision behind airSlate. The no-code revolution is only beginning, and the additional capital will help power our team to innovate even more quickly, providing seamless business automation, and best-in-class functionality for our customers.

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO, airSlate

UiPath Ventures is born from our deep-seated belief that UiPath is building a new layer in the enterprise IT stack—the automation layer that will sit above existing systems and infrastructure and do the mundane work that’s done by humans. The more organizations harness the power of the UiPath automation platform, the faster we innovate together to fulfill the UiPath vision of the fully automated enterprise™.

In addition to capital, portfolio companies can benefit from:

  • Access to and insights from UiPath executives and experts

  • Enhanced exposure within the UiPath ecosystem

  • Go-to-market alignment and support and UiPath Partner Network opportunities

  • Operational guidance on business issues and best practices

We believe that UiPath is in the unique position to create a network effect of innovation through enterprise automation, and we’re looking forward to working with disruptive, high-growth companies that share this mission.

For more information on UiPath Ventures, contact us at

vijay khanna uipath
Vijay Khanna

Chief Corporate Development Officer, UiPath

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