A New Chapter in the UiPath Journey

UiPath Co-CEOs Daniel Dines and Rob Enslin

As I reflect on where the UiPath journey started, appreciate the company we’ve become, and envision the future ahead, I am energized by our goal of building a generational company that will completely reshape the way people work. And as with any journey, evolution is constant.

Today, UiPath announced that we have hired Rob Enslin to serve as Co-CEO. This evolution of company leadership is the right one for our business as we grow a global, publicly traded company at scale. Together with Rob, I look forward to taking UiPath on this next chapter in our journey.

Earlier today, I sent the following note to our team members announcing Rob to the company.


I’m writing with some important and exciting news. We have hired Rob Enslin to serve as Co-CEO. Rob will be an important partner to me and leader within UiPath as we drive toward our mission of unleashing the fully automated enterprise. This is a big deal and may be surprising news to some – so I want you to hear from me about this next step on our journey.

We are building an iconic technology brand that will stand the test of time – and nothing in business is more important to me than ensuring we reach that potential, for ourselves and for our customers. Just like the customers we serve, for us, it’s about getting more transformative. Better for our teammates, customers, partners, and shareholders. In my own self-reflection, I’ve concluded that we can go faster and achieve more by divvying up the chief executive role.

Let me first answer the most obvious questions: Why a co-CEO? Why now? And why Rob?

My priority is making sure that we have the right leadership in place to capture the massive market opportunity in front of us. Looking ahead, the Co-CEO structure is the right one for our business as we grow a global, publicly traded company at scale. As my Co-CEO, Rob will focus on scaling our business. This will allow me to concentrate on our company culture, vision, and product innovation. These are the areas I’ve been the most passionate about since we founded UiPath, and where I can ensure that we build a company where you want to come to work every day and that delivers the greatest value to our customers.

Rob has spent the last three years as the President of Google Cloud, overseeing phenomenal growth as it has become a much larger player in the enterprise cloud space. Prior to joining Google Cloud, Rob was an SAP executive and was named an Executive Board Member at SAP in 2014. Rob joined SAP in 1992 as employee 1,200; when he departed in 2019, SAP had reached nearly €25 billion in revenues, over 400,000 customers, and with more than 100,000 employees around the globe. Along the way, Rob held key roles in growing the company, including serving as CEO of SAP Japan, COO of Global Field Operations, President of North America, President of Global Customer Operations, and President of the Cloud Business Group. He has the right experience, skills, and passion to bring our business to the next level, and most importantly, Rob is the right fit as a partner to me.

When Rob and I first met, we spoke about his “liberator” leadership style, one in which creates an open and collaborative work environment that requires everyone’s best thinking and work, and as a result, people give their best effort. We also talked about the power of diversity and why continuing to create an inclusive culture will only strengthen the foundational elements of our current vision, mission, and values. Our mutual respect is invaluable, and we know our success will be dependent on our ability to work side-by-side. This mindset is a force multiplier as we focus on growth at scale and building a company that reimagines how business is done.

This is not a unique leadership structure. Many fast-growing technology companies – like Salesforce – have recognized that “two is better than one” and are leveraging the Co-CEO role to drive focus, action orientation, and faster decision-making.

I trust that Rob will be an incredible partner and leader as we continue to build a company that reimagines how business is done. I can’t wait for you to get to know him, for him to get to know you, and for us to learn from one another. He officially starts on May 16.

I want to thank each of you for your constant support and commitment. I know you are working hard to finish the quarter strong this week and deliver a terrific 2022.4 release in May. We truly have our best days in front of us. Join tomorrow’s Global All Hands where we will discuss today’s news and answer questions.

Daniel Dines - UiPath (color headshot)
Daniel Dines

CEO and Executive Chairman, UiPath

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