UiPath 2019.7 Monthly Update

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As per our monthly release cadence, we have delivered innovation this month touching various product areas, including the Platform, Orchestrator Mobile, and many more.

Back in April, when we released the first version of UiPath AI Computer Vision activities as well as our on-premise offering, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from partners and customers. As we integrated your feedback and developed new features, we are now happy to announce additions to the UiPath AI Computer Vision offering. This release comes with version 2 of Activities as well as the general availability of AI Computer Vision in the UiPath Cloud Platform.

UiPath Platform Public Preview

This month we have made further improvements to the capabilities delivered last month in Studio for a more user-friendly, reliable, and scalable automation experience.

Debugging made easier

UiPath Studio’s upgraded debugging experience improves your productivity as a developer. Pin variables, or arguments, and update their values after each activity execution with the new feature Watch Panel, visible only in debug mode. Further improvements let you return to an exception causing activity or show the condition when hovering over a breakpoint.


Perform a conditional action (e.g., log in a message) in an activity with the introduction of Tracepoints. Just right-click an activity, add a Tracepoint, enter the condition for the activity and action to be performed.

Accelerate development with Command Palette

Improve your current workflows with new features available in Command Palette. Add an activity directly from the canvas. Use the “plus” sign in the canvas to get the “Add Activity” dialog and add the required activity to the workflow.


Develop flexibly with support for C#

Last month, we offered support for C# besides the regular availability of VB.Net in Studio. With this release, you can choose to invoke code from C#; however, VB.Net will remain the default programming language.

Automate more PDF files in a lesser time

We have worked to improve the automation experience for our PDF activity package. Earlier, to automate a PDF file, you had to follow a series of manual steps to activate the accessibility interface. With new improvements, the Driver component launches the accessibility interface automatically in a single step for quicker recognition of the elements inside PDF files.

Got an idea?

We always love to hear from you, whether it’s feedback, a technical issue, another great idea for an even better product experience, or just your love for the product. With this release, you can report an issue or submit an idea directly in Studio. Keep that stream of feedback flowing and help shape where we should be heading next.


Expanded automation ecosystem

UiPath integrates with leading technology providers and builds joint solutions to address diverse automation needs. This time we are pleased to offer several integrations for Salesforce, Appian, and Microsoft Office Excel and Calendar.

Salesforce Activity Pack

To automate operations in Salesforce, previously you had to leverage UI automation and packages available in UiPath Go! Marketplace. With this release, we are introducing Salesforce activities in Studio. These activities go beyond UI automation by using Salesforce Lightning Platform API. These activities are easy to use with Configuration wizards, and they can operate on both standard and custom Salesforce objects. These activities can be used to automate sales operations such as quote to order processes, field operations, and customer service scenarios.

Activities include:

  • Salesforce Object – Insert Record, Update Record, Get Record, Delete Record, Composite Request

  • Files – Upload File, Assign File, Download File

  • Execute Report

  • Execute SOQL

  • Format Labels and Values


Orchestrator Mobile

With this release, scheduling has been improved, supporting Enable/Disable, Edit, and Removal of schedules on the go.

Instant Notification

Based on Orchestrator Webhooks, this month we have launched a completely new feature in the mobile app: Push notifications giving you more flexibility to monitor your digital workforce. Choose to receive notifications each time for the selected Orchestrator event.

Events include:

  • Job faulted

  • Schedule failed

  • Queue item transaction failed

  • Queue item transaction abandoned


This feature is available only for an Orchestrator’s on-premises account enabled with webhooks. To understand more about the working details of this feature, please refer to this article.

UiPath Connect Enterprise Hub

Introducing UiPath Connect Enterprise Hub, a central platform for Robotic Operations Center (ROC) leaders to discover, prioritize, and track their automation journey. Through Connect Enterprise, leaders can unlock the “long tail” of automation possibilities from the employees who know their job best.

With Connect Enterprise, your ROC now has a path from one Robot to a million and your employees are empowered to transform their usual workday by submitting automation ideas.


Check out our blog post to get more details about Connect Enterprise, including sign-up information.

These capabilities are just a few of the highlights delivered this month. To know details about these features and other capabilities delivered this month, check the release notes.

We hope that you have a great experience trying out these enhancements. As always, your feedback is valuable to us to deliver innovation continually. Sign up today for the Insider Preview Program to try the preview version and share feedback.

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Param Kahlon

EIR, Canvas Ventures

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