UiPath Announces the Availability of UiPath 2018 Platform – Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Transformation through Enterprise Automation

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UiPath announced today the general availability of UiPath 2018, code-named “Firefly.” UiPath 2018 is a comprehensive upgrade to one of the world’s most widely adopted platforms for Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

UiPath continues to deliver on its mission to democratize its RPA offering through an online community and UiPath Academy, a comprehensive, self-led training and certification program used by more than 55,000 people since its inception in April 2017. 

UiPath 2018 builds on the strengths of UiPath 2017, including support for rapid implementation and delivery of compelling customer return on investment. With UiPath 2018, customers gain higher operational resiliency, increased flexibility and more robust security while also benefiting from embedded machine learning capabilities and new AI services.

UiPath 2018 Delivers Enterprise RPA Industry Firsts

  • UiPath 2018 has been tested and proven to operate over 10,000 robots in a standard, recommended architecture. It delivers unrivaled robotic capacity, flexible scaling and confidence and control throughout operations spanning on-premises to public clouds.

  • UiPath 2018 now offers pre-built, drag/drop and tight inbound/outbound integrations with ecosystem partners such as Oracle. This enables customers to turn their RPA, business process management (BPM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems into seamless automation footprints.

  • UiPath 2018 now allows editable, customized exception logs and machine learning for intelligent error handling, monitoring, and alerting via the new UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Edition.

  • UiPath 2018 has fully enabled Python development and now opens the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) open source libraries to employ machine learning models on digital processes. It will be enhanced continuously through the year.

UiPath 2018 Highlights

  • Protecting sensitive data and robot activity. UiPath 2018 delivers enhanced asset and archive data security with support for Elasticsearch Security. It also provides an expanded integration with CyberArk for more robust compliance and non-repudiation assurance.

  • Ensuring secure Enterprise RPA operations. UiPath 2018 source code is fully Veracode-verified and validated against potential penetration, intrusion or vulnerabilities throughout the UiPath platform and in third-party code. UiPath will unveil its UiPath RPA Security Framework methodology for suggesting best practices in securing IT robotic operations.

  • Simplifying management of large-scale operations. UiPath 2018 introduces UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Edition, with one-step robot licensing, provisioning, scheduling and intelligent monitoring and alerting. It also supports large-scale, multi-tenant operations for multinational businesses and service providers. Both UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Edition and UiPath Orchestrator Standard Edition now offer enhanced out-of-the-box, easily customized Kibana and Tableau reports and streamlined human-to-robot work queue orchestration.

  • Delivering Intelligent OCR & Natural Language Processing (NLP). UiPath 2018 provides a pre-built, drag/drop capability to rapidly process data from semi-structured to structured states. It also features native NLP integration for capturing language intent and extraction of relevant text.

  • Increasing efficiency in automations. UiPath 2018 comes with an out-of-the-box studio workflow template, based on best practices for process configuration, exception-handling, event logging and more. Users can apply this template with their own customizations to a particular process.

  • Minimizing automation maintenance. UiPath 2018 sharply reduces automation maintenance by auto-validating screen object identification. Newly enhanced built-in logging enables rapid development of comprehensive dashboards for visualizing RPA allowing continuous improvement of operations.

  • Accelerating innovation through RPA’s largest open ecosystem. UiPath continues to expand the ecosystem of companies integrating into the UiPath platform through its open APIs. New integrations include Oracle Process Cloud Services, Newgensoft, Enate, and Microsoft Office 365 platforms.

UiPath is also unveiling today packaged automation templates and activity frameworks. UiPath provides solutions that accelerate enterprise RPA by more than 50% to address risk and fraud issues, and ensure compliance to regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Know-Your-Customer (KYC) financial services requirements and Customer Contact Center Automation.

Daniel Dines, UiPath CEO and co-founder declared:

UiPath 2018 builds on our amazing momentum in 2017 and our phenomenal customer growth. With this release, we have demonstrated tremendous scale operating over 10,000 robots successfully in a single environment. We continue to emphasize security, control and governance throughout, and have introduced new frameworks and solutions to speed up automation. We are working to help our customers become more sophisticated through the incorporation of industry-specific machine learning models and AI algorithms into their digital business operations.

Pamela J. Wolfe, chief, enterprise services division, NASA Shared Services Center stated:

The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) has recently deployed UiPath into production. The UiPath platform has met NASA security requirements, worked well during implementation, and both technical and administrative support has been outstanding. This is the first step in offering RPA services to NASA centers, we plan to increase them over the next months.

Sarah Burnett, vice president of research at Everest Group added:

Users of Enterprise RPA consider ease of software and robot maintenance, security and scalability to be its most important features. Integrated cognitive and machine learning for processing unstructured data is also important, as is the availability of robot operational analytics. RPA is a journey and the richness of the software speeds up that journey. UiPath 2018 is another significant step forward towards meeting these requirements for Enterprise RPA.

For more information, please read the story.

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Anna Ghica

Marketing Director, BeNeLux, UiPath

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