UiPath Supports the Latest SAP® WinGUI 8.00 and SAP Business Client 8.00

UiPath already supports the latest SAP® WinGUI 8.00

SAP just released the latest version of SAP GUI for Windows (WinGUI) 8.00. UiPath is proud to announce full support—available now—for SAP WinGUI 8.00 and all the latest features.

Thanks to a close partnership with SAP, SAP customers will experience the advantage of our certified integration with SAP. Customers will also be able to seamlessly migrate to the latest version of SAP WinGUI without needing to rework or adopt their current automation such as robotic process workflows or test cases.

What does this mean for SAP WinGUI and SAP automation via the UiPath Business Automation Platform?

SAP WinGUI is the front-end software of SAP systems, which allows users to interact with the system and perform various tasks such as data entry, reporting, and analysis. SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), SAP S/4HANA, and many other SAP systems use SAP WinGUI as their main user interface (and have for many years).

UiPath Business Automation Platform supports the following versions of SAP WinGUI for Windows 7 and Windows 10, for both architecture types (32bit and 64bit) and for both logon tools SAP Logon and SAP Logon Pad.

  • SAP WinGUI 8.00 (fresh newcomer to the SAP WinGUI family)

  • SAP WinGUI 7.70

  • SAP WinGUI 7.60

  • SAP WinGUI 7.50

  • SAP WinGUI 7.40

All available themes (such as Quartz, Belize, Blue Crystal, or Corbu) can be used for SAP automation with UiPath.

SAP Business Client 8.00 is also fully supported, so customers can automate via the UiPath Platform for all commonly used SAP Business Client versions such as 7.00, 7.70, and the latest 8.00. We support any browser type and all SAP user interfaces (UIs), including SAP WinGUI, SAP WebDynpro, and SAP Fiori Launchpad. Both 32bit and 64bit architecture types are supported.

SAP WinGUI 8.00 highlights

The most significant factor for UiPath customers to be aware of is that UiPath automation is not affected by the UI visual improvements. And automation can still be performed in a stable and reliable way.

Here are the top three highlights of SAP WinGUI 8.00.

True 64bit version of SAP GUI for Windows

Previously, the SAP GUI for Windows was only offered in a 32bit version, except for certain automation controls such as the Logon Control, Table Factory Control, BAPI Control, and Function Control.

While the 32bit version is compatible with 64bit operating systems, it does have limitations in terms of memory usage and integration with other 64bit processes.

As a result of customer requests, SAP has implemented and began offering a 64bit version of the SAP GUI for Windows. With version 8.00, the SAP GUI includes both 32bit and 64bit versions. Customers can choose which version to use. However, it is not possible to run both versions simultaneously on the same PC.

Improvements for Quartz themes

SAP customers will find the user interface more visually appealing and easy to use thanks to the numerous improvements.

The Quartz rendering engine has been overhauled, resulting in a more cohesive look and feel (such as improved rounded corners and text appearance). Additionally, SAP has added new features. The OKCode (“command”) field now includes buttons for deleting entries in its history using the mouse, and visualization of the dotted focus has been enhanced and is now more prominent.

Enhancements: HTML Control based on Microsoft Edge and WebView2

The HTML Control, which is based on WebView2, is a relatively new control that relies on a new Microsoft component and has some limitations. However, in release 8.00, one of the most significant issues was resolved.

Before, when SAP WinGUI opened an external browser window through the HTML Control, only a browser tab would appear (without navigation, menu, and tab-grouping options). But now, thanks to a new browser extension for Microsoft Edge, this limitation has been eliminated.

Now, the HTML Control based on Edge can open a fully functioning Edge browser window, similar to how the HTML Control based on Internet Explorer already does.

For more information, check out SAP's articles about the release:

Are you looking for ideas for business process automations on top of SAP WinGUI 8.00, seeking help with your move to SAP S/4HANA, or looking to accelerate and automate your SAP testing? Talk to us. We're here to help.


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Lev Kushnir

Senior Director of Product Management, UiPath

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