RPA "Best of May" Blog: Our Readers Pick the Winners

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During the month of May, the UiPath blog focused on addressing three areas of robotic process automation (RPA):

  • Robotic software technology: capabilities & keys to good user experiences

  • Industry applications: Insurance, Finance/Accounting, and Call Centers

  • Business Process Outsourcing:  RPA opportunities & challenges faced by BPO service providers

Each area was covered by several posts. Now that the month has ended, take this opportunity to check out the highlights of our coverage and learn which posts were picked as "winners!" by our readers.   


1. Robotic Software Technology: 

Highlights for this emerging technology in May included a video illustration of how point-and-click can automate workflow, along with tips on evaluating the user experience in automation software products. 

This blog concedes the significant technological differences between autonomics and robotic process automation - essentially the autonomic capability for complex self-learning & self-adaptive behavior - while making the argument that any differentiation in business value is much narrower.  Given it's much lower investment requirements and much wider business user applicability, this post questions why robotic automation technology doesn’t have a higher profile.

2. Industry Applications:

In May, the value proposition across industries included robotic software fueling innovation within insurance companies as well as the unique ability of robotic software to craft highly valuable solutions within finance & accounting disciplines.   

Citing how robotic software delivers particularly valuable benefits to call centers - providing solutions to service, process and technology issues common to the industry – this post makes its case by showing how value is achieved in specific agent workflows.  It takes the audience through initial customer contact as well as ongoing customer engagement activities to define typical call center performance challenges – then demonstrates show exactly how robotic automation technology addresses them.

3. Business Process Outsourcing: 

During the month, both the opportunities and challenges to the traditional ways business process outsourcers have been delivering services were discussed.  

This article explains why leveraging robotic process automation by business process outsourcers (BPO) is inevitable and also far more complex and risky than any self-deployment by individual companies. It then proceeds to identify and describe seven essential RPA core competencies a BPO must possess to meet both client and internal management performance requirements.  These core competencies also serve as useful client criteria for BPO/RPA evaluation and selection.

We hope you find this monthly summary and list of winners useful. Didn't see one of your favorites in the winner's circle? Speak your mind! We can't promise a recount, but we can promise to take your views into account down the road.  

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David Eddy

Strategic Advisor, Tquila Automation

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