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UiPath Community organized the 4th edition of the biggest annual global competition dedicated to showcase the potentialities of UiPath Business Automation Platform: the UiPath Community HyperHack 2023. This year's edition targeted all automation professionals — RPA developers, business analysts, solution architects, customers, and partners, as well as students engaged on their automation learning path. The challenge was split into two categories to cover entirely the scope and offering of the UiPath product suite. Both categories included a non-limiting product reference recommendation, to guide our contestants.

The momentum built across the globe brought nearly 800 community members from a total of 53 countries across all regions (AMER, EMEA, and APAC) registered for the event. Most frequent registrant profiles include roles such as: automation consultant, developer, automation architect, RPA developer, RPA consultant/business analyst, software engineer. Leadership roles, as well as beginner roles, were also well represented through technical leads, managers, directors, students, and interns. Teams were formed with a maximum of four members, and applicants had an opportunity to work on more than one proposal.

Objectives, categories and criteria

Category AI powered automation solutions included: UiPath Document Understanding, UiPath AI Center™, UiPath Task Mining, AI Computer Vision, UiPath integration activities (OpenAI, AWS SageMaker, Azure OpenAI).

Category core business automation solutions included: UiPath Business Automation Platform, UiPath Marketplace components, UiPath integration activities.

Our team has established a comprehensive set of judging criteria to evaluate project submissions in two categories. The criteria and their respective weightings reflect a well-rounded approach to assess the projects from various angles: impact 25%, concept 20%; technology 25%, completion 20% and presentation 10%.  

To be well prepared, participants attended enablement sessions with several UiPath experts. They shared their thought leadership on the range of possibilities one could look at when building a hackathon winning solution with UiPath technology.

The participants were also encouraged to seek support and ask questions on the dedicated UiPath Forum thread. The objective was to ensure that all those willing to participate stand a fair chance and have access to resources and expertise, so as to fulfill their goal and submit a solution within the competition.

Participants had a chance to interact with UiPath product managers, AI advocates, and MVPs. Each contestant who submitted a proposal and became a finalist had a chance to win exciting prizes and a digital certificate and badge from UiPath. First place prizes were valued at $4,500, second place prizes at $3,000, and third place prizes at $1,500 for each category. Apart from these, all finalist team members were enlisted for UiPath Certification vouchers and UiPath customized credentials as further incentive and recognition for completing their projects.

One important objective was to create a digital library with use cases and within hours we collected 70 submissions in the UiPath Forum use case repository. The use cases covered very diverse areas, from intelligent medical assistance, facilitating the governmental decision making process, food waste and crisis management, to personalized guided meditation, showing the true lengths of innovation powered by UiPath technology.

With a total of 95 submissions, product leaders from across the company signed up to evaluate the proposals and nominate the winners in the live finale. We are happy to acknowledge the customers who joined our efforts and volunteered for the jury in each of the two categories: Prianka Datta, VP, RTM Intelligent Automation @NatWest Group (core Business Automation Solutions) and Sundar Ganesh, Director, Global Head of Process Automation @Barclays (AI Powered Automation Solutions).

Winning solutions

After a thorough review of the proposals, and a first public live finale presentation, the scores were tallied and the UiPath HyperHack 2023 winners were selected. Let's deep dive into the views of the HyperHack 2023 winners!

AI powered automation category

1st place: Doctor SimplifAI - Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Revant Singh, RongTao Zheng, Ikshit Dhawan, Vincent Parnabass.

Leveraging a series of technologies including Specialized AI and Generative AI models to solve all the pain points and improving the overall patient experience, as well as allowing doctors spend more time on helping patients improve their health and life and less time on documentation and administrative duties.

2nd place: Doc Robot - Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Mason Turvey, Vishal Kalra, Srinivas Kadamati.

Doc Robot is a virtual assistant that is slightly medical-themed. The main advantage of this solution is seamless integration with UiPath Assistant and UiPath Orchestrator to leverage automations as-is from the platform to accomplish assistant tasks.

3rd place: Medic AI - Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Ebru Sarikaya.

This project contains an UiPath App and an attended robot to solve the medication errors people face due to failure to read lengthy medication prescriptions; attempting to treat themselves with incorrect drugs without consulting a doctor; or prescribing of medicines that conflict with the patient's condition or medicines in use.

Core automation solutions category

1st place: You. Why? Path! - Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Natalia Spindola Camello, André Lorenzi Pedroni, Otavio Vogel Farinon, Leonardo Perini.

An automation consisting of four interconnected parts, where each one relies on the previous one to initiate its process. Each part serves a specific objective: the first part receives data from the new employee, the second part uses UiPath Document Understanding to read and organize the received data, the third part registers the new employee in SAP and generates the necessary documents for later signing, and finally, in the fourth part, the company uses the DocuSign API to send an email requesting the new employee's signature to complete their onboarding process.

2nd place: Individual-GYW – Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Goo Yik Wen.

A personal expense tracker leveraging the UiPath Platform to process receipts uploaded from my phone to my personal Dropbox and producing an expense dashboard in UiPath Insights.

3rd place: ‌Silicon Robots 2.0 - Review the use case in detail here.

Team: Umesh Sharma, Mohd. Faiz Khan, Nishant Banka; Unsubscribing to emails as well as deleting older emails can create a major positive impact on global energy conservation efforts. The solution assists users in seamlessly unsubscribing from spam emails, thereby reducing future energy consumption associated with sending such messages. Additionally, it facilitates the deletion of past spam emails, curbing the energy requirements for storing them.

A special mention goes out to all the finalist projects and teams selected this year, which you can view here. There were many more creative submissions that we would like to recognize for the attention they deserve as innovative solutions to further explore. Please have a look on the UiPath Forum use case repository for several HyperHack 2023 use cases.

Jury testimonials

Participating as a jury member at the hackathon event was an inspiring and insightful journey that provided a refreshing glimpse into the world of technological innovation and creativity. Witnessing the art of the possible through the implementation of technology trends was truly an interesting experience. What particularly stood out was the way in which the participants harnessed the latest technologies to solve a wide array of problems, and it was obvious that they had invested a significant amount of time and effort to prepare. The integration of Generalized and Specialized AI as well as other automation components showcased the immense potential these innovations hold for shaping the future.

Monica Luca, Senior Product Manager @UiPath

(…) this year's hackathon showcased an impressive quality of teams that developed highly useful and innovative applications. With a bit more refinement, these could potentially evolve into successful products or automations, benefiting a diverse range of customers. The hackathon also demonstrated that the UiPath platform is exceptionally well-suited for rapidly deploying AI and Generative AI-powered automations, even of significant complexity. I eagerly anticipate next year's hackathon, where I am convinced, we will witness even more captivating applications.

George Roth, AI Evangelist @UiPath

Read more on his thoughts.


We take this chance to thank everyone who participated in this journey with us. Awarded or not, we appreciate your product innovation passion. You took precious time to identify a problem, think of a solution, and apply your skills and the UiPath technologies to drive impressive results. We appreciate you for keeping a curious mind and looking for solutions.

A special thanks to our UiPath customers, jury members, evaluators, and MVPs who participated in this process. This competition blended mixed efforts from both within and outside UiPath, bringing our community together under a sole objective: to build further the automation space. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it. Please fill out the survey, which will be available until September 30, 2023.

HyperHack 2023 may be a wrap until next year, but we encourage you to find exciting ways to get involved within UiPath Community. With over 2.5 million users, we invite you to actively engage on UiPath Academy, UiPath Forum, UiPath events, and more. See you soon on the automation playground! Contact us at community@uipath.com.

Diana Gray
Diana Gray

Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath