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In recent years, the tech industry has seen a transformation, marked by a growing recognition of the contributions made by women. Women start to assert more of their presence across various areas. From software development to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity to data science, women are bringing their unique perspectives into what the future holds for technology. The State of the Automation Professional report that we conduct each year in the UiPath Community shows a noticeable increase in women's participation within the automation industry. With an 18% representation in 2020, 21% in 2021, 25% in 2022, and 24% in 2023, we see this trend shaping year-over-year. This shift invites us to reflect on our commitment to diversity and to a new era of innovation.

Women in automation program came into discussion naturally inside UiPath Community. This is shaped by a series of events tailored for experienced women professionals and fresh starters. A new event series is knocking on the door. We are committed to offering mentorship, support, and visibility to women professionals that want to explore new perspectives in their career path. Involvement from women happens throughout the whole year. In this article, we’ll look at the role of women in automation through their achievements in the UiPath Community recently, globally. Finally, this is an open invitation to our dedicated event series. Let’s celebrate women in automation through knowledge sharing!

How women play a strategic role in automation?

Women in UiPath Community play a strategic role in automation by bringing unique perspectives, skill set, and insights. Their contributions span from software automation development and process orchestration to AI implementation. With a keen eye for detail and a collaborative approach, women drive innovation and problem-solving within automation companies. As mentors, and technical experts, women inspire future generations to pursue careers in automation. This is a paved way to create an inclusive and dynamic software automation industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the contribution women craft year-over-year in UiPath Community ecosystem. Sharon Palawandram made waves in 2023 by earning one of the most important titles. The UiPath Most Valuable Professional is the highest recognition that we offer to our community members for their outstanding contribution and mentorship. Her continuous learning journey led Sharon to achieve the esteemed AI Ambassador of the year award at the UiPath AI Awards. This is another important achievement to spotlight her involvement in the AI area that she’s keen on developing in her work. She is also known for being the chapter leader for Denver and organizing a series of community events focusing on AI. Sharon's commitment to AI advocacy developed further. In this sense, she obtained the UiPath specialized AI certification, a testament to her dedication to continuous learning.

She was also part of the interviews in the article published on the Community blog, Transitioning from RPA experts to AI automation professionals. She shared insights about what helped her integrate AI into her day-to-day work. This year, Sharon volunteered for the Women in Automation inspirational panel, where she will share insights about the transformative power of AI. Listen more here ‌in a dedicated interview. She talks about how she’s been building in the last years with UiPath Document Understanding and UiPath AI Center™.

Tracy Dixon is for the fifth time a UiPath MVP. This perseverance shows her exceptional dedication and expertise year after year. Despite juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, raising five children, Tracy remains committed to the UiPath Community. She was part of the Business Analyst Series, one of the most popular event series in 2023. She is active in facilitating community events and is growing the Florida community chapter. This is one of the ways that Tracy's passion is shared with others through mentorship. As a featured speaker at this year's Women in Automation program, Tracy is involved in driving change through sharing her expertise.

Hiba Beldi, a CoE Lead at Safran, holds an impressive resume as a three-time UiPath Community MVP and a Paris chapter leader. At the youthful age of 25, Hiba has already crafted a robust career path as an automation Tech Lead within an aircraft equipment company. She is nurturing one of our most flourishing local tech communities, the UiPath Community Paris Chapter. Her creativity is so well expressed in building local communities with a certain brand approach. Listen to Hiba sharing her views at the MVP EMEA Summit 2023.

Lovely Sinha succeeded in achieving a three-time UiPath Community MVP role. She plays a strategic role in leading the Dubai chapter. Lovely embarked on a transition journey last year, both professionally and culturally. She decided to leave her homeland of India and her previous job, to transfer to Dubai. Despite this significant change, Lovely's professional drive remained unwavering. She shifted to a position in banking and proactively facilitated the launch of the first UiPath Community chapter in the Middle East. Lovely is committed to growing the women in automation initiative in Dubai. Currently, she is actively seeking support and sponsors for a dedicated live event. Here you can explore the first virtual meetup in Dubai. She deep-dived into how to implement AI-powered intelligent document processing. Find out more here.

Harika Mudiam, from Metro Global Solution Center, is one of the contributors that sticks with our minds. Harika has been involved in the past year, in conducting numerous training sessions tailored for students and early-stage professionals. Additionally, she curates a vibrant YouTube channel boasting over 5,000 subscribers and featuring 270 videos centered around the UiPath product suite. Through engaging content and insightful conversations with industry professionals, Harika continues to share valuable knowledge. Explore her content from Document Understanding to Data Service.

Lalasa Mulakaluri, representing Zalaris in Chennai, is a three-time MVP. She has a positive driving energy, and she is instrumental in community building. Lalasa is an active chapter leader in Chennai while also dedicating her time to mentoring students. The goal is to guide them to fulfilling careers in the automation industry. To catch a glimpse of her journey, you can watch her interview during the MVP APJ Summit. Recently, also, Lalasa embarked on a new endeavor by launching her own YouTube channel, further enriching the community with her insights and contributions. Check out her channel here.


On March 27, 2024, the UiPath Community restarts Women in Automation program 2024. This is a series of community events crafted to inspire, educate, and propel women's careers in automation. The program is tailored for both aspiring and seasoned women developers in software automation. This initiative is driven by the collective expertise and passion of women developers and professionals within the UiPath Community. We encourage you to register for the events that pique your interest within our series, regionally.

An inspirational panel featuring accomplished women eager to share their insights and experiences will open the series. Book your calendars for the program launch on March 27, 2024, at 10:00 am EDT, 3:00pm CET, 7:30 pm IST. The main scope is to bring fresh opportunities to enhance your careers. Stay connected and spread the women in automation initiative in your own networks. We thank to all the women contributors for making a notable difference inside UiPath Community each year.

Oana Chicioroaga
Oana Chicioroaga

RPA Content Manager, UiPath