6 Steps to Pass the UiPath Advanced Certification Exam

6 Steps to Pass the UiPath Advanced Certification Exam

How can you remain relevant in the field of technology when it is constantly changing? This is a question you may be asking yourself, but because "the only constant in life is change" (Heraclitus), it is important to embrace each change as an opportunity. 

One of the biggest changes in the last few years has been the advancement of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This technology has taken the business world by storm and is being used to streamline and automate processes across industries. Do you want to play a major role in this change-driven opportunity? Then being certified as a UiPath Advanced Developer is a great starting point.

Why the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification?

I am not a developer by profession. I started my career as a tax certified public accountant (CPA) who wandered into UiPath development after one too many tax returns.

The professional services firm where I work began encouraging people to learn UiPath and I, recognizing this as an opportunity to enhance my work, decided to take the plunge into UiPath. I studied and practiced using the UiPath Platform until a national technology team at my company took notice of my work. I soon joined that team, creating and teaching UiPath courses to upskill thousands of people. So naturally, when UiPath launched its new certification program—UiPath Certified Professional—I was excited to take on this next challenge.

A month later, putting all my preparation and experience on the line, I sat down at my laptop and turned it on to take the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification exam. Because my job was to help others learn UiPath, and by extension pass the UiPath certification exams, I knew I had to pass.

When the exam started, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my preparation had paid off—I passed without a problem. Now I can confidently help you, my fellow robot builders, do the same.

The exam and how to pass it

The new certification exam, while covering similar material to the legacy exam, is a combination of multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and simulation-based questions. It is a proctored exam that requires test takers to complete the exam without notes or internet searches, giving the certification a new level of weight and legitimacy. You will need to prepare well so you can confidently take and pass the exam using only your brain.

The following six steps will help you increase your chances of passing the exam.

  • Step 1 - Review the basics

  • Step 2 - Learn to navigate the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework)

  • Step 3 - Take the practice exam and review missed questions

  • Step 4 - Take the practice exam and review missed questions (again)

  • Step 5 - Sign up for the exam

  • Step 6 - Take and pass the exam

Let's look at each of these steps in more detail. 

Step 1 - Review the basics

Would you be prepared to take a high school algebra test right now? Even if you are good at math, you'd probably want to brush up on a few things before taking that test. The same thing goes for the certification exam. You may have some great knowledge of UiPath Studio and UiPath Orchestrator but doing a review of the material will prepare you to answer questions on topics you may have forgotten or are not aware of.

To do this, visit UiPath Academy to find the most up to date RPA Developer Foundation course. You've likely already completed older versions of this training, but there is a lot of value in reviewing this material. For me, reviewing "Email Automation" and "Error and Exception Handling" was very beneficial. 

Step 2 - Learn to navigate the UiPath REFramework

The next step is to take a deep dive into the content included in the RPA Developer Advanced course. This is where the exam focuses a lot of its content, so it's important to understand the REFramework in depth. I took a lot of time not only to orient myself in the REFramework, but to also understand why each part of the REFramework was used. I highly recommend you do the same. This was the most important part of my preparation and paid off well in the actual exam. 

If you are already familiar with the REFramework, then feel free to focus your study time on reviewing the flow of the framework, how it integrates with UiPath Orchestrator, and how one would convert it to run on tabular data, as opposed to Orchestrator queues.

Step 3 - Take the practice exam and review missed questions

Do you feel ready to take the exam? Good! That means you're ready for the practice exam.

The practice exam is an amazing resource you can use to take a shortened version of the exam with very similar questions. It's a good indicator of how you will do on the actual exam. Do note, however, that there is only one practice exam so once you take it there isn't a different practice you can try later. Make the most of it by not using notes so you have the realistic testing experience.

Once you take the practice exam, take a few hours to review the questions you missed. Look up answers, work to understand why you missed them, and make sure you could answer the questions if they were asked in the actual exam.

Step 4 - Take the practice exam and review missed questions (again)

Although it includes the same questions, taking the practice exam again will help prove that you learned what you needed to from your first review. This is a great time to finalize your notes and review, once again, any questions you miss.

I was surprised at how much this second attempt helped in the actual exam. 

Step 5 - Sign up for the exam

The UiPath Advanced Developer certification exam is proctored by a 3rd party. You'll need to either sign up to take the exam at home (my personal preference) or sign up to take the exam at one of 6,000 in-person testing locations globally. I found that the earliest I could book my exam was about four to five days out, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Once you sign up, if you are taking the exam at home, you will be able to test your computer for compatibility with the 3rd party testing software. Go through this exercise to avoid any surprises on the day of the exam. 

Step 6 - Take and pass the exam with confidence

The day of the exam is finally here! Take 30 minutes to review your notes before starting the exam. You'll have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Do note that there will be more questions than the practice exam, so pace yourself accordingly.

If you have prepared well, you will be confident that no matter what questions come up on the exam, you will be able to navigate through them and confidently give your best answer. Do be careful though, as many of the questions can be tricky. Double check your answers and don't rush! 


Receiving your UiPath Advanced Developer Certification is an amazing accomplishment that will put you at the forefront of the exciting innovation in the technology. It is not an easy feat but is one that, if accomplished, will help define your career. 

Useful Resources

Here is a list of the resources I used to pass the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification exam:

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