Semantic Automation with UiPath Clipboard AI

Semantic automation

Introduction to semantic AI

As the world moves towards greater advancement in solving complex problems, it's essential to have intelligent systems that can understand tasks and reason about them in a way that humans would. While current automation solutions have come a long way, there's still a gap in the ability to understand the meaning and patterns behind tasks and decisions performed by humans. This is where semantic AI makes a difference.

Semantic AI focuses on analyzing and interpreting text from documents, applications, processes, and other forms of human communication to mimic human understanding. UiPath Clipboard AI is driven by semantic AI capabilities that allow to understand the relationships between words and the context in which they are used. With this capability, it can intelligently copy data between different systems.


Use cases for semantic AI could be leveraged in industries like healthcare, finance, HR. If we look at the healthcare industry, this application could extract and analyze unstructured data from electronic health records. With the help of semantic AI-powered tools like Clipboard AI, healthcare providers can extract critical information from unstructured data sources and intelligently map the extracted data to the destination system and update it, thereby improving data accuracy and efficiency.

Semantic automation will be a giant leap forward. It'll accelerate and simplify automation development, improve the reliability of automations, and expand automation use cases. Semantic automation and Clipboard AI might be the future of several automation scenarios handled by each employee.

Clipboard AI, intelligent solution for data transfer and extraction

Clipboard AI is a revolutionary product that leverages semantic AI and other leading technologies to enhance automation and make more intelligent decisions. Clipboard AI semantic capabilities are especially powerful. It can read and interpret data from a range of applications and documents, analyzing the underlying meaning and patterns of the information.

It can also be described as a magic copy-paste tool. Using it makes the process of copying and pasting become smarter and more intuitive. It recognizes the context and target system, making it easier to copy and paste data with greater accuracy. ‌For example, Clipboard AI can instantly extract relevant information from scanned invoice documents, such as vendor names, invoice numbers, and other critical data. Clipboard AI can intelligently map and update the extracted data to the appropriate fields in the destination application. All this happens with a few clicks and without requiring any manual efforts.

The potential use cases for Clipboard AI can apply in numerous ‌different industries like finance, healthcare, and HR. For example, in finance, Clipboard AI can be used to extract data from financial statements, receipts and other financial documents, and directly enter the extracted data into any system of records application. The final goal is to improve accuracy and speed up the financial reporting process.

Business benefits of using Clipboard AI

Clipboard AI is a powerful tool that can provide businesses with various benefits. Let’s deep dive into some of the advantages that Clipboard AI offers.

  • Enhanced productivity - Clipboard AI enables businesses to automate repetitive copy-paste tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more other valuable tasks. This increased efficiency can lead to higher productivity levels and more significant returns on investment.

  • Seamless data transfer - Clipboard AI can read and extract data from various sources, including tables, forms, and documents, and automatically transfer it between applications without requiring explicit instructions. This capability can save time and reduce potent

    Initial errors.

  • Support to work with multiple applications - Clipboard AI can be used to copy paste ‌data between various applications, including spreadsheets, web-based applications, documents, and more, providing more flexibility to users.

  • Efficient document understanding - Clipboard AI can help businesses work intelligently, automating tasks like data extraction and file transfers.

By using Clipboard AI, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce errors, and increase efficiency, leading to improved productivity and ultimately better results.

Clipboard AI can be used in various data transfer scenarios, such as:

  • Invoice processing - Clipboard AI can automatically extract data from invoices, such as vendor names, invoice dates, and total amounts, and input them into accounting systems.

  • HR processes - Clipboard AI can extract data from resumes and job applications, such as candidate names, and contact information and transfer them into HR systems.

  • Data entry - Clipboard AI can extract data from different sources, such as forms and surveys, and input them into plain text files or spreadsheets.

Patterns for intelligent data transfer with Clipboard AI 


Formats for data transfer with Clipboard AI

  • Applications to spreadsheet - Clipboard AI can extract data from various applications and automatically transfer it to a spreadsheet. This pattern can be useful for businesses that need to consolidate data from multiple sources.

  • Excel spreadsheet to applications - Clipboard AI can read data from an Excel spreadsheet and transfer it to various web and desktop applications. This pattern can be helpful for automating data entry tasks and reducing errors.

  • Documents to applications - Clipboard AI can extract data from documents, such as invoices, ID cards, and contracts, and automatically transfer it to various applications such as SAP or NetSuite. This pattern can be beneficial for automating data entry tasks and reducing the time required to complete them.

  • Documents to spreadsheet: Clipboard AI can extract data from documents and transfer it to a spreadsheet. This pattern can be helpful for businesses that need to consolidate data from multiple sources, such as invoices or receipts.

  • Applications to applications: Clipboard AI can transfer data between different applications, such as copying the data from Salesforce and mapping it to the SAP system and updating it. Thereby allowing businesses to streamline their operations and reduce errors.


Clipboard AI is a powerful tool for businesses looking to automate repetitive data processing tasks. It might be a game changer for automation scenarios easily leveraged by each employee in various industries. Leveraging it in your own company, takes the waste out of copy and paste, unlocks info from images, and transforms the data before it hits its destination. Join the waiting list and be among the first to try this product.


Vino Livan
Vino Livan Nadar

Automation Technical Lead, Accelirate Inc.