21 April 2022

2022 State of RPA Developer Survey

21 April 2022

2022 State of RPA Developer Survey




Digital transformation keeps the opportunity for robotic process automation (RPA) to continue a growth trajectory. Join us and be part of a global survey to gather insights about the current state of RPA developers around the world. We've designed this survey to highlight different aspects of the working environment, to find out the biggest satisfactions and frustrations, and discover more about learning habits and career paths.


The data will be presented in an insightful report available to all those that participate. The RPA developers that contribute to your digital transformation strategy are essential to this survey, so please spread the word and let's shape together the automation workforce.  


Our journey with this study started in 2020 to hear and better understand how the experience of RPA developers is compared to other peers around the world. In the end, the broader goal was to bring data to other professionals considering RPA for the future.  This study is a paved way to get a clear picture of what the RPA career path could look like and learn from each other's experiences. We’ve learned that most RPA developers are highly satisfied with their roles and that they feel optimistic about the future of this industry.


The good news is that the State of the RPA Developer Survey will be running for the third time. This year the aim is to better understand what RPA developers need, how they see their development, financial benefits, role maturity and career path. The structure is quite like last year, and there's also an additional module that evaluates the experience with UiPath.


There will be two separate paths, one dedicated to RPA developers, working in the field already and one dedicated to students interested in pursuing a career path later in their journey.  


Finally, we want to take a pulse on how RPA developers use the resources available in the UiPath Community and what are the most valuable to them. The survey is estimated to take around 15 minutes to complete and closes on May 30, 2022. We're excited to see how this more and more popular profession will evolve in the future of work prospects.


We acknowledge your contribution by participating in one important research studies about RPA developers around the world. Thank you for all the insights shared with us in the previous years!  Your voice matters. Let’s shape together the job market of automation. 


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Oana Chicioroaga is an RPA Content Manager at UiPath

by Oana Chicioroaga

TOPICS: rpa developer

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