17 December 2020

Announcing the Winners of HyperHack 20.10 Product Release

17 December 2020

Announcing the Winners of HyperHack 20.10 Product Release



The UiPath 20.10 release brought many new features, updates, and products to support the automation journey of so many of you and the organizations where you work at.


To ensure fast adoption and innovative ways of using 20.10, we challenged the global UiPath Community to participate in HyperHack - 20.10 Product Release (or 'HyperHack 20.10' for short) in at least one of the following hackathon categories:



With participants from 36 countries, out of which 22% of them women in automation, we invited 24 finalist teams to showcase their innovative solutions in front of the jury. We had a mix of UiPath robotic process automation (RPA) experts, product leaders, Community Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and Druid leadership to curate and assess the submissions for each category.


In the end, the winning solutions and teams are:


Category 1: Document Understanding, AI Fabric, and Action Center

First place: team RAYS.


They created a process automation with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integrations to capture handwritten patient details, and to predict ailment and prescriptions. Then, the predicted prescriptions or appointments booked for further diagnosis can be communicated to the patient with an automated email. With proper regulation, this use case is important to help organizations supply unparalleled experiences in the healthcare industry.


Second place: team Incentro Automation.


The project improves the customer churning process for the telecom industry. Instead of the reactive approach, which is currently used, the solution uses a proactive approach using an ML model powered by UiPath AI Fabric. Both the automation and ML model were developed using UiPath software. The final automation uses UiPath ML capabilities and has a clear focus on business value.


Category 2: Apps and Data Service

First place: team Remote Wizards.


Remote Wizards developed a solution for remote education that helps teachers, students, and school managers manage their tasks, daily agendas, and remote meetings. The education sector has been impacted by new COVID-19 regulations, and needs support and digitalization and automation ideas.


Second place: team strFlying_Devs.


Created by the strFlying_Devs team, the Air COVID-19 Manager app has a simple, intuitive interface and supports health authorities. Software robots can work around the clock, reading all the passenger locator forms and storing them in a database. Every time health authorities receive information that a passenger was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19, they can simply change the status in the app and an alert will be automatically sent to every passenger. The travel industry, particularly the airline industry, is experiencing profound changes and its easy to see the potential for this app’s use case to be implemented.


Category 3: Assistant and Custom Activities

First place: team Masire Fofana


As an automation specialist, Masire Fofana created a web application designed to monitor UiPath Robots. It allows one to create rules and trigger alerts on top of UiPath Orchestrator and ElasticSearch APIs. It’s easy to use, open source, and gives the ability to report alerts in other systems.


Second place: team HackersBOT.


The HackersBOT team found that maintenance engineers are spending a lot of time monitoring production bots in UiPath Orchestrator to make sure there is no downtime, especially for critical financial processes. Maintenance engineers must go through logs of even successful processes to confirm if there are any errors inside the processit. Which can lead to delays in reacting to downtime. Their solution is an automated way of monitoring these production processes which run in the background and notifying maintenance engineers when downtime happens.


Category 4: Chatbots

First place: team Bot Warriors.


The team’s solution works for the planning and distribution management of COVID-19 vaccines. They created a smart chatbot using Druid and UiPath which can serve to be a one-stop answer, and a go-to solution for citizens across the world to raise queries, find answers, and book slots. The automated solution makes the whole journey in eradicating this disease faster and easier.


Second place: team RPA Samurais.


The process that RPA Samurais developed verifies authentication of the company in the European Union (EU) tax checker website (officially known as VIES VAT number validation) and sends a response to the Druid chatbot. Also, the robot handles the second request from the chatbot, checking approval rates for valid value-added tax (VAT) identification.


For the “Most Innovative Project,” the winner had two creative submissions that both stood out to the jury members. Congratulations to Shimizu Yohsuke. One of the solutions was highly appreciated for making automation accessible and improving the quality of life of parents, kids, and educators. Yohsuke’s other solution helps the hospitality sector (more specifically, hotel management).


Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and early adopters that joined the UiPath HyperHack 20.10. We were impressed to see your creative solutions and focus on solving pressing problems like the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work in times of radical change.


In the following weeks, the winners will get their prizes, and all the finalists will get their certifications.


The winners will get their use cases and tutorials published on our community blog in the future for you to check out and learn from their best practices.


Stay tuned for our 2021 hackathon agenda. In the meantime, you can continue to learn and build innovative solutions using UiPath through our free Academy courses.


Vibhor Shrivastava is a Regional Community Manager at UiPath.

by Vibhor Shrivastava

TOPICS: RPA Hackathon, Product Releases

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