19 October 2020

Compete in UiPath HyperHack–20.10 Product Release!

19 October 2020

Compete in UiPath HyperHack–20.10 Product Release!



We always believe in creating and bringing more opportunities for UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers. We want our community members to bring their automation ideas to life, and continually invite them to innovate and be active contributors to UiPath products. Once again, we have come up with brand new challenges for you to showcase your skills in different UiPath products categories.


It doesn’t matter if this is your fifth UiPath hackathon or it’s going to be your first one, your journey as a participant is going to be full of learning. Review the challenges, team up with your best friend or colleagues, and register to compete in our next hackathon: UiPath HyperHack –20.10 Product Release.


For our last UiPath hackathon of 2020, we have four categories that give you more opportunities to be a champion in our growing products. As a hackathon participant, you can submit your solution in more than one category, building out a solution based on the associated brief.


How to participate:

It’s simple! Registration is must for all the participants (register now).


Hackathon categories

• UiPath AI Fabric and UiPath Document Understanding (DU) and UiPath Action Center

• UiPath Apps and UiPath Data Services

• UiPath Assistant and UiPath Custom Activities

• Chatbots

*Note* You can be a winner in a maximum of two categories.


Awesome HyperHack prizes

Within each category:

First place - USD $2,000 (vouchers) 🥇

Second place - USD $1,000 (vouchers) 🥈


Other outstanding prizes:

Most Innovative Solution - USD $1,000 (vouchers)

All finalists who pitch their solution will receive a participation certification and surprise goodie


Key dates:

• November 18, 2020–Last date to register for the HyperHack hackathon

• November 20, 2020–Last date for submitting a functional demo of your idea/solution

• November 29, 2020–Selected teams will be notified before moving to the final round

• December 16, 2020–Winners will be announced


It’s time to team up and let the out-of-the-box thinker inside you come out and show the world how innovative you are! Show the impactful solution you can create.


Think about the task your colleagues and organization are spending a lot of time on. How can you use automation to free them from mundane tasks?


Or think about how you can solve real world industry challenges with automation.


It’s time to think of new ways of working. It’s time to automate.


Register for HyperHack now



Vibhor Shrivastava is a Regional Community Manager at UiPath.

by Vibhor Shrivastava

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