14 April 2020

Prepare for the Future of Work with Enhanced RPA Training Platform and New Certifications

14 April 2020

Prepare for the Future of Work with Enhanced RPA Training Platform and New Certifications



Have you ever wanted to be a part of a historical breakthrough? Imagine if you could have helped Bill Gates make a “computer on every desk and in every home” possible or co-developed the very first Apple computer in Steve Jobs’ garage. When we look back at those beginnings, the idea that everything “great” has been already invented creeps in. Still, what if you had the chance to become a part of something significant?


Here at UiPath, we envision 'a robot for every person,' and we want to ask your help in making this a reality. We believe that people should not get bogged down in tedious, repetitive work which turns them into machines devoid of motivation and creativity. We are strong supporters of the ‘automation first’ mindset in which everything that can be automated is automated. With this in mind, we’ve introduced an enhanced UiPath Academy training platform and new Certification program to help everyone build the automation skills to excel in the future of work.


Learn the skills of the future with free RPA training

UiPath Academy recently crossed 600,000 in enrolled users—that’s 600,000 people around the world who are laying the foundation of 'a robot for every person' together with us. We’re glad to have so many changemakers on board, and we want to ensure each of you enjoys learning with UiPath.


With our recent enhancements to our training platform, we’ve created a better learning experience and equip you for the future of work. UiPath Academy offers a fresh look and feel, more than 50 online RPA courses, role-based learning plans, and comprehensive product training.


We’ve added single sign on and improved navigation across the Academy platform – now, it’s easier to get started and decide what to learn with the new course catalog. Filtering options based on category, product, and difficulty level will help you enroll in the right training faster. To ensure the new Academy offers most relevant and up-to-date content, we’ve retired the outdated courses and updated the course names. You’ll be notified for new courses releases within the platform, too.


What’s more, learning paths on UiPath Academy are now available for all RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) roles. Whether you’re an experienced RPA developer upskilling for your career or a business analyst interested in discovering what RPA is all about, UiPath Academy will equip you with the training you need to succeed. Academy allows you to get familiar with the UiPath platform and gain hands-on experience in creating automation solutions using UiPath products.


Get recognized with industry-leading UiPath Certifications

We’ve also introduced a new, formal Certification program—UiPath Certified Professional—which serves to recognize your expertise in RPA and UiPath. The new Certification is an expansion of our legacy program, which has already certified more than 40,000 users.


UiPath Certified Professional offers proctored exams both online and at 6,000 in-person testing locations globally. This new Certification provides two Certification levels instead of one to assess proficiency across RPA roles.

  • UiPath RPA Associate is recommended as a foundational certification level for anyone building simple automation solutions. It tests problem-solving and process development skills as well as abilities in working with UiPath platform.
  • UiPath Advanced RPA Developer is recommended as a second certification level for those in technical roles (RPA developers, solution architects, and infrastructure engineers). It assesses the ability to build complex and efficient RPA solutions in enterprise environments and proves you are production ready.


While we recommend that everyone enroll in the UiPath Certified Professional program to maintain the most up-to-date credentials, the legacy certification will remain free and open through April 30, 2020 for those who were already preparing for the exam. Legacy certification credentials remain valid until April 30, 2021.


A winning combination for newly emerging jobs

Tom Clancy, senior vice president (SVP) of Learning at UiPath, notes: “We built UiPath on the promise to democratize RPA and train a global community. These enhancements to our training and certification programs further our commitment to empower people with the in-demand automation skills to succeed in newly emerging careers.”


Together, UiPath Academy and our Certification program make it easy for you to develop your skills, prove your RPA expertise, and build your career. We hope our learning resources will inspire you to master the automation skills of the future and contribute to making 'a robot for every person' a reality.


Ready to become a game changer?

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Sophia Zhylych is a product marketing manager at UiPath.

by Sophia Zhylych

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