20 November 2019

An Insider's Tips for Getting Started With RPA

20 November 2019

An Insider's Tips for Getting Started With RPA


The first question that comes into your mind is probably: what is RPA? Is it a new music band? A new game? A new social media platform?

Well, to be honest, RPA can be anything you want. For example, I first heard about it in 2017. While checking technology news, I ran across an article describing how UiPath was developing this technology.


Let's start with the definition: RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation.


Sounds awesome, right? But what does this really mean?


Well, think about the daily things that you perform on your computer. Now think about the things that you have to repeat many times, actions that you are doing over and over again. Got you confused? Here are some examples from my personal routine:

  • Checking the weather on my favorite locations for weekends
  • Gym appointments
  • Browsing through various emails
  • Checking basketball game results
  • Finding interesting concerts
  • Leaving "happy birthday" wishes for my social media connections


All of these are repetitive, boring tasks that follow specific rules, don’t need human decision nor intervention, and process a significant amount of information. All of them can be automated using RPA.


RPA frees your time and lets you focus on what is important for you.


Sounds too good to be real? It's real! Technology is here for you and UiPath has all the resources required to step into this new era of possibilities.


Getting started on your RPA journey


First of all, you need to have a better understanding of what this technology is about and how you can use it.


For that, we have in place an awesome online Academy. My RPA developer journey started when I first accessed it as the Academy contains all the training need to learn RPA and it’s all free of charge.


Check out UiPath Academy


Everyone has a different learning style. Check out this fun quiz to discover the best way for you to learn RPA!


If you get stuck or have questions that might help you on your RPA journey, you’re likely to find the answers you need on the Forum. Everyone is willing to help. Community members and UiPath team members are actively involved in providing the best solution, workaround, or answer for each question. Our RPA Community is very enthusiastic and willing to be there for all their peers.


Do you already have an automation idea? Want to connect and explore what others like you are already doing? UiPath Connect! enables you to connect with others interested in RPA and explore projects they’re already working on.


Ready to discover how to implement automations? Download our license-free product: UiPath Studio Community Edition.


Take a look at our RPA marketplace, UiPath Go!. This is the place where you can make your work public and useful for everyone. You can also discover what others have built. One of my favorite components is the Enhanced REFramework.  


Make RPA anything you want it to be! Enjoy your journey!


Denisa Nine is an RPA developer at UiPath.

by Denisa Nine

TOPICS: Learning RPA, RPA, UiPath community

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