17 May 2019

Introducing the UiPath RPA Community Blog

17 May 2019

Introducing the UiPath RPA Community Blog


Stories are the tool that allows us to share experiences that have moved us deeply in one way or another. At UiPath, we believe that people and community lead innovation, which is why we have created this space—a digital journal, of our Community members' experiences, thoughts, and stories.


As UiPath continues to lead the world in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the UiPath Community continues to be at the forefront of that journey. This became evident when we saw the inspiring growth of our online Community Forum.


We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the Community, and the Forum no longer lives alone, but instead is accompanied by a people-centric ecosystem: UiPath Go!, UiPath Academy, and UiPath Connect!.


Creating Community-related platforms is essential for success, but we knew we were missing something.


As the world evolves further and further into an online ecosystem, we've realized we need to do something different, and that “difference” (of course) involved people. This is the main reason why we are starting this blog, currently in beta.


Our main objective with this beta UiPath RPA Community blog is to give a voice to our Community members through crowdsourced content.


It would be easy for us to just sit in our 21st century, open space, concept office and continue to push content out to you, our Community members, but that is soooo 1999. This beta blog is a space for you to share stories of your automation successes, RPA developer journeys, and UiPath tutorials just as much as it is for us to share with you.


So, let’s walk side by side on this journey of innovation, technology, and uniting peopletogether.


We can't do this without you. If you have UiPath tutorials or a story about your own RPA journey that are not already published online, we want to see them!


This is your chance to share your expertise and knowledge with the UiPath Community. Use the button below to submit your blog post topics and you could see your own name and post published on this Community blog.


Do you have a personal story or a UiPath tutorial

to share with the Community?

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David Lujan is a Regional Community Manager at UiPath.


by David Lujan

TOPICS: Education, UiPath Community Forum, UiPath Academy, UiPath community

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