4 August 2022

Keeping Chrome and Edge Automations Running with UiPath

4 August 2022

Keeping Chrome and Edge Automations Running with UiPath





Starting January 2023, Google Chrome will stop running extensions created with Manifest V2.  Here's what you need to do to keep your automations running smoothly during and after the migration to the new Manifest V3. Chrome Extensions launched a decade ago and Manifest V3 (MV3) represents one of the biggest shifts in the platform since then. "A step in the direction of security, privacy, and performance" as Google describes it. As with any major browser update, this one could break your existing Chrome automations as soon as Manifest V2 is deprecated.  


UiPath has implemented a new extension following the MV3 standard released by Google to secure the functionality of your automations.  Let's have a walkthrough together to see how to upgrade your extensions and keep your automations in good shape.   


Time to upgrade


According to the timeline published by Chrome and Edge, all existing MV2 extensions will stop working in January 2023 (limited enterprise exceptions). By June same year, MV2 will cease to function even with enterprise policy.  


How does this change impact your automations? If you run automation processes with the UiPath MV2 extensions, expect them to crash after the MV2 sunset. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the UiPath MV3 extensions before this deadline. 


How to prepare


To follow this change, we issued the MV3 UiPath Extension for Chrome in 2022.4 and recently released patches containing both Chrome and Edge Extensions to all supported versions: 2019.10, 2020.10, 2021.10, and 2022.4.  


If you're using UiPath Extensions for Chrome or Edge in your automation, you can install the new extension from both Studio ->Tools-> UiPath Extensions panel as well as Command Line.  

We know each case is different. That's why you can follow the right path for you: 

  • > If you are on a supported UiPath version, you can choose to apply the patch or upgrade to the latest version. 
  • > If you are on an unsupported version, you'll need to upgrade to a supported version of UiPath Studio. 
  • > If you're already using the 2022.4 release, the 2022.4.1 and 2022.4.3 versions include the MV3 extension for Chrome. The latest 2022.4 patch added the MV3 extension for Edge.  

For more guidance, don't hesitate to check out this FAQ document or contact your assigned CSMs. 


Action steps

  • Install the new UiPath Studio versions containing the updated extension before January 2023.  
  • Upgrade to the latest patches to ensure that Chrome and Edge automations will continue to run efficiently. 
  • Keep an eye on our Community Forum for more useful details and updates. Sharing is caring, so please do share your feedback.  

We hope this MV3 migration will go as smoothly as possible for you and your team.  


Gheorghe Stan is a Senior Manager, Product Management at UiPath 

by Gheorghe Stan

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