3 March 2020

5 New Hours of RPA Training Now Available on UiPath Academy

3 March 2020

5 New Hours of RPA Training Now Available on UiPath Academy

February brought new UiPath Academy courses for your automation journey, including more than five hours of new training content! You can enroll in the 19.10 Learning Plan to master:


Orchestrator Enterprise Scale Management

Struggling to scale large robot deployments across big companies? This course is for you, and includes information on modern folders, Active Directory integration, and automatic Robot provisioning.


Queue Triggers, SLAs, and Alerts

Want more control of your deployments? Orchestrator Schedules have been updated with Queue Triggers and SLAs (service level agreements), enabling you to start processes only when new items are added, and ensure that they’re processed quickly.


Studio WebDriver

The Webdriver is an increasingly popular protocol used to automate browsers through a separate executable (exposed as a REST API). In this new course, learn to master WebDriveremotely control interfaces, manipulate document object models (DOM) elements in web browsers, and perform activities in the headless browsing mode.


Studio Workflow Analyzer

How do you ensure best practices among teams of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers? The Workflow Analyzer helps you validate that your automation projects will run according to plan!


Studio Debugging

Debugging is an essential part of any RPA implementation. Our newest release helps you debug better and more efficiently. Learn how in this training!


Enhanced Selectors

Reliable, fault-tolerant selectors ensure your automations can stand the test of time. With the improved Selector experience in release 19.10, you will decrease debugging time and build more stable automations.


Quick reminder: Be sure to log in to UiPath Academy to get started with these new courses.


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Cosmin Simion is the Academy program manager at UiPath.

by Cosmin Simion

TOPICS: Learning RPA, Self-Learning, UiPath Studio, UiPath Academy

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