16 March 2020

Your Path to the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification

16 March 2020

Your Path to the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification



Editor's note: The certification referenced in this post is being retired. We're excited to offer new, enhanced UiPath Certifications. Find out about the new Certifications in the blog post Prepare for the Future of Work with Enhanced RPA Training Platform and New Certifications. For tips on passing the exam for the new Advanced RPA Developer certification check out this article.


How did I discover Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? It was the holiday season and most of my clients were on vacation. This gave me time to think outside my typical business routine. While reading about the latest trends in information technology (IT), I discovered UiPath. The RPA field fascinates me as it involves software robots, which have long made appearances in fiction but only recently have become a reality in the science field.


What started as something to read just to pass the time became more and more interesting because UiPath has the free trial version of their product. It’s accessible from the Community Cloud and is available to anyone who wants to practice their RPA skills. My interest grew even more when I discovered UiPath Academy. Academy provides structured courses for anyone who wants to learn or master RPA. Even though I’m usually involved with middle management, solution architect, and/or client-facing roles, I believe that learning about new technology from its grassroots is necessary to master any new technology.


So, I enrolled in the developer course and started my RPA journey.


The learning was fun, to say the least. The course allows you to go along at your own pace. I liked that the course offered practical hands-on activities and it allowed me to learn in my leisure time. When I needed help with the hands-on activities, I came across the UiPath Forum. The Forum is an excellent source of information and inspiration. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out all the valuable advice available there.


Then, I found the Advanced Developer Certification. It is being provided free of cost by UiPath until March 31, 2020. Once I saw that I felt motivated to take the challenge immediately. I searched the Internet and the UiPath Forum to find out more about the certification and tips to pass it. Based on my findings, and the fact that I obtained the certification, I decided to write the below tips. My hope is that the tips will help other aspirants get certified.


UiPath Academy provides excellent materials and training under its RPA Developer learning plan. While the recommendation is to go through the entire plan, I suggest completing at least the first two courses: RPA Developer Foundation and Level 3 - Advanced Training.


While the RPA Developer Foundation is a standard course, Level 3 - Advanced Training has more hands-on practice sessions. You can complete the practice sessions in UiPath Studio (Community Cloud).


Once you have completed those two courses (though they aren’t mandatory), I recommend enrolling for the Advanced Developer Certification. The certification has two phases:


1. An online quiz with 45 multiple-choice questions.

After passing the online quiz, you become eligible to take the second phase of the certification.


2. A practical exam.

The exam consists of automating and executing a process. For more details about the exam, pass criteria, and reattempt options you can check the UiPath Certification platform.


I strongly advise you not to start the certification process without completing the activities from the Level 3 - Advanced Training course. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework) and this training contains all the needed information.


Tips for passing UiPath Advanced Developer Certification exam

For the practical exam, I have summarized my tips and suggestions below. Keep these handy.

  • • Please read the entire question carefully and follow the instructions. If it mentions using the REFramework, make sure you are using REFramework. If the variable\activity names are mentioned, make sure you use the same exact names.
Design your RPA program considering the variable type mentioned in the REFramework ‘Transaction Item.’ Practicing the activities from Level 3 - Advanced Training can make this step in the certification practical exam easier.  
  • • Make sure you update the JSON file. 
• Add annotations for all the files and activities. These should include activity name, description, pre-condition, post-action, and information about the input and output arguments.
  • • As a general rule, there should not be any hard coding of values. Use the config file to store all the values.
• Remove the queue name in the config file if there is no UiPath Orchestrator queue involved.
  • • Update the ‘MaxRetryNumber’ in the config file. If you are using the Orchestrator queues it should be 0.
  • • If you are requested to save the data to a file, make sure you save it in the path - data/output.
• Before using any directory or file, check if the folder/file exists.
  • The Advanced Developer Certification is just the beginning as UiPath offers many other interesting ways to engage with the RPA field. There are awards and recognitions for involving and contributing to the UiPath Forum, UiPath Connect, and the RPA community.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Start today. Or, even better, start right now. Enjoy your journey with UiPath!
Devarajan Sundaresan is a senior project manager.

by Devarajan Sundaresan

TOPICS: Learning RPA, certification, UiPath Academy

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