9 October 2019

Now You Can Contribute to the UiPath Connect and Go! Roadmap with Productboard

9 October 2019

Now You Can Contribute to the UiPath Connect and Go! Roadmap with Productboard



Have you ever felt the need to share your feedback towards the producer of the app or the software you're using on a daily basis?

The easiest way to do it is to add a looong review with all your requests and to hope that someone will answer with something differently than "your feedback is very important to us…" After that, even if you get an answer, you won't know when or if your improvement idea will be taken into consideration.


What if you could have the possibility of influencing the product roadmap? Not only that but have full visibility on the product timeline and see your proposed feature planned for future releases. Sounds good, right?


We are introducing Productboard for UiPath Connect! and UiPath Go!. Productboard is a product management system that helps us understand what users need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around our roadmap.


So, what does Productboard mean for you?


1. See the roadmap of UiPath Connect! and UiPath Go! 

First, you'll be able to see every feature planned on our roadmap. This will provide you full visibility on upcoming new features or improvements to our platforms. Each item will have very tidy card view and a description to help you understand what the feature is about.




2. Vote and influence how we prioritize UiPath development

If seeing the product roadmap seems nice, how about you help us out by influencing it with your votes? The best way for us to prioritize the product roadmap is to collect and consolidate feedback, and plan the features that matters most for our users. By voting and commenting on an item in the roadmap you will show us how important that feature is for you. Once a feature gathers a lot of upvotes and interest, you can see it shifting in the roadmap from “Considering,” to “Planned.”




3. Propose and submit your own features ideas

All right, so you saw the roadmap and left a couple of votes, but our features didn't quite fit the needs you have for this application? Not a problem - you can add your own insights regarding our platform. An insight is an idea, improvement, or any request that you can think of relevant to the platform.




The process is simple:

1. You submit an idea (what would you like to change or to add in the application).

2. Your idea is reviewed by our team and categorized (to see to what feature it fits best or if it's a duplicate).

3. We then prioritize it based on the number of votes, importance, and relevance to the product roadmap.

4. Finally, you will see the proposed feature displayed as a card in the timeline with the proposed implementation date so you can track the progress and votes received from other users.


Why are you the most important piece to the puzzle?

Because based on your valuable insights and feedback we will be able to build a powerful product that fits exactly to your needs. Basically, you have the option to directly influence the look and feel of a product.


So now that you're all set, how about trying it out? :)



Sorin Visan is a product manager at UiPath.

by Sorin Visan

TOPICS: Product Releases, UiPath Connect!

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