Financial services summit: navigating optimization, innovation, and risk in a dynamic landscape

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The era of intelligent automation: are you leaving value on the table?

How do you modernize an industry that has operated the same way for decades, while adapting to a changing risk landscape and seeking new avenues for growth? Join our host, Tais O'Dwyer, the global leader of financial services at UiPath, for an engaging keynote session that covers how intelligent automation is the key to digital transformation in financial services, with AI and automation working together to reshape business operations and drive success. During this session, we also feature a video message from Peter Thasalis of Wells Fargo, who shares their incredible journey towards incorporating automation as a strategic component of the technology stack.

Discover how leaders from Wells Fargo, TD Bank, JP Morgan, and Arvest transformed their organizations with automation and AI. Dive into their journey of scaling automation programs and learn about their strategies for identifying and engaging key stakeholders, evangelizing automation benefits, and driving change management internally. Learn their secrets for upskilling employees and optimizing end-to-end processes to achieve impressive results.

AI for good: charting a responsible course

Join Ed Challis, Head of AI Strategy at UiPath, as he unveils the transformative power of AI and automation in the financial services industry. Learn how these technologies are revolutionizing risk management, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Discover how UiPath's advanced AI solutions can elevate business processes while uncovering hidden value and peace of mind for financial services executives. 

Realize the power of AI and automation in mitigating risks and optimizing operations across industries in this engaging panel discussion featuring The Standard and Fifth Third Bank. From enhancing customer experiences while meeting regulatory requirements by automating claims management during natural disasters, optimizing risk management by integrating AI and automation in tasks like anti-money laundering, to boosting operational efficiency by automating Paid Family Medical Leave claims. This session is sure to deliver inspire.

Intelligent automation: the next big disruption

Discover insights from industry leaders from Deluxe, Hub International, Prudential, and OneAmerica on the transformative power of combining AI and automation. Gain valuable perspectives on leveraging automation for business growth, innovation, and the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within established organizations. Uncover strategies for selecting the right automation investments, focusing on core competencies, customer satisfaction, and business growth.