Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit


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Opening Remarks: Jason Warrelmann

Healthcare and Life Sciences Summit opening remarks with Jason Warrelmann.

The Rise of Automation and What it Means for the Future of Healthcare

Join Forrester to learn how AI, Virtual Assistants, RPM, Telehealth, RCM, and RPA are transforming the patient and employee experience by reducing administrative burdens and streamlining workflows. We discuss how a climate of heightened consumer demand, data democratization, and digital disruption will be critical to drive down costs, improve clinical outcomes and compete in this dynamic market.  

Optimizing Digital Coordination to Build the Future of Healthcare Communities

This session presents a wide lens on the interaction between technology, healthcare, and government, as well as rich insights into patient access, care coordination, compliance, and more. Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Summit keynote speaker will prepare you to optimize your organization’s care community with unique perspectives and practical advice.

Fireside Chat: Using Intelligent Automation to Innovate Across a National Health System

In this session, you'll learn about the evolution of technology applications for the NHS in the UK, as well as Tremaine Richard-Noel's vision of the future of automation for healthcare. Join us for this deep dive into one of the brightest minds in healthcare technology today and get inspired to find your own innovative solutions to healthcare challenges. 

Customer Panel: The 4 C's of a Successful, Enterprise-Wide, Automation-First Program

What does it mean for healthcare organizations to be “automation-first” and how do you empower your workforce to embrace this mindset? Our panelists will share their insights into the benefits and challenges they’ve experienced in rolling out different types of citizen development programs, as well as key methodologies.  

Technology Panel: Building Automation Strategies for Connected Enterprises

Forrester analysts and a panel of technology thought-leaders will discuss why automation is the key to thriving in a digitally connected world. You’ll take home a better understanding of the evolving tech landscape in healthcare and life sciences, and a better understanding of bridging technology gaps to improve care and customer service delivery.