Healthcare and life sciences summit: AI at the intersection


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AI at the intersection: Building strong foundations and innovations in healthcare and life sciences

How do you build strong foundational business processes for healthcare and life sciences while lowering the barrier to using AI-powered autmation? Join UiPath industry practice leaders Jason Warrelmann and Joe Miles to hear about cutting edge use cases, and watch as Jared Welch, director of sales engineering demos UiPath Autopilot for healthcare.

How AI is changing the landscape of healthcare and life sciences

What responsibility do automation leaders have in ensuring AI is used for the benefit of the entire healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, and what kinds of innovative use cases is Google currently working on? In this keynote presentation, Shweta Maniar, director of healthcare and life sciences solutions at Google Cloud, discusses how AI is impacting the industry and provides a primer on large language models (LLMs) and generative AI in the context of healthcare and life sciences.

AI and RPA: Past and future from revenue cycle at The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic started its automation journey in the revenue cycle management (RCM) business area and continues to find additional use cases across the function. Join Data Scientist Dr. Kristina Piorkowski, and Senior Director of Automation Jared Staal as they give you an inside look at how they've grown their revenue cycle automation program from 8 automations to 31 in one year and realized millions in cost avoidance and revenue acceleration.

Daiichi Sankyo drives digital transformation (DX) from a company-wide perspective

Join Michigoe Yasuaki, business process transformation and automation programs leader, to learn how Daiichi Sankyo grew their DX program into a company-wide initiative, including business process transformation and automation. You’ll learn about the challenges Daiichi Sankyo identified in enhancing automation in business transformation on a company-wide scale and efforts to establish a DX-driven business process framework.

Automating in a healthcare environment

Kaiser Permanente starts every automation effort at the heart of their healthcare teams: the providers and clinicians. Join Executive Director Desmond Cullen to learn more about Kaiser Permanente's unique approach to building automation programs that make a big impact.

How BCBS North Carolina saved $10M in medical expense with one bot

Where should your payer organization focus its automation efforts? Gary Grena, business owner, intelligent document processing and automation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, discusses why payment integrity is the number one area for major cost savings. He provides practical advice for getting buy-in from leadership and utilizing internal and external expertise. What will Gary and BCBS North Carolina do next with their automation program? Tune in to find out.

Arkansas BCBS automation journey

Join Brett Trelfa, SVP and CIO at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, as he outlines the company's transformative journey. Brett offers deep insights into the methodologies, best practices, and lessons learned that have been instrumental in ABCBS's evolution. You'll learn not only the 'what' and 'why' of ABCBS's AI and automation pursuits but also glean valuable knowledge on the 'how' that can inform and guide other organizations on their paths to transformation.

Navigating tomorrow: Utilizing AI-spanning to unleash your autonomous enterprise journey

Join Doug Shannon, global intelligent automation leader, strategy, innovation, and operations at PSI CRO as he takes you on an exploration of the synergy of AI, automation, and innovation. Learn about the concept of AI-spanning, which seamlessly connects processes, amplifies decision-making, and accelerates the journey to an empowered, interconnected business landscape.