Manufacturing and supply chain summit


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Discover the shift to Industry 5.0 in manufacturing, where productivity and sustainbility take center stage. In this keynote, you will learn the importance of collaboration between humans, machines and bots in addressing the challenges posed by labor shortages, changing work-life dynamics, supply chain complexity and new regulatory and compliance requirements.

Driving the future: AI and RPA at Cummins

Learn about Cummins' Global Digital Center, where transformative use cases and automation empower employees for value-added work. Explore their cloud-first and SaaS-first platform architecture for Automation Cloud, which enables agility, high availability, and innovation.

Scaling automation programs across manufacturing and supply chain

Gain insights how to align automation with strategic business goals, ensure the right governance and execution, and the approach for defining, measuring, and reporting the value of AI-powered automation effectively. Also, learn how to expedite automation development by as much as 50% with solution accelerators, and how to get the latest sustainability solution accelerators that helps companies jumpstart compliance reporting. 

Transforming trade classification with AI-Powered Automation

When it comes to international trade compliance, organizations often struggle to keep pace with ongoing changes in rules and regulations for Harmonized Tarriff Schedule (HTS). Intel modernizes global trade and closes the gaps when sharing data across borders. Hear how they are embracing AI-powered automation to drive fingerless trade, make trade efficient and lower the overall cost of trade.

Fueling manufacturing with AI, a fireside chat with Generac and The Silicon Partners

Learn how Generac leaned on AI and automation to achieve operational efficiency in a post-covid world with use cases that improve product quality, boost revenue generation, and enable supply chain resiliency and hear how implementation partners assist manufacturing organizations in identifying, nurturing, and scaling automation use cases, emphasizing the importance of ROI. 

Upgrading SAP S4HANA and harnessing test automation for enhanced efficiency

Discover how Orica successfully adopted SAP S/4HANA and updated their code to optimize performance, boost efficiency, and gain long-term advantages. Additionally, find out how they scaled their application testing and automation with the UiPath platform.