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Testing can be the bottleneck standing between you and getting great software out into the world as fast as you—and your customers—want it. Automated testing can make the difference, transforming your team into robust, high-speed digital testers.

Watch the UiPath Testing Summit on-demand, and get the full details on how resilient automation can help you streamline, simplify, and scale testing—helping you deliver better software experiences, faster and more seamlessly than ever. Hear from UiPath customers already benefiting from the technology and learn how to start taking advantage of continuous, streamlined testing yourself.

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Keynote - 45 min.

Deliver Continuous Customer Value with Automated Testing

For over 20 years, test teams have been striving for an 80% test automation rate, but most struggle to reach even 30%. Testers feel pressure to test more technologies both faster and more frequently, but testing tools haven’t lived up to their promises—until now. Join our keynote to hear how the UiPath Test Suite product platform is paving the way for a digital future with precise and efficient testing so that you can deliver the highest value to your customers.


Gerd Weishaar

Julio Viquez headshot

Julio Viquez

Eduardo Diquez Headshot

Eduardo Diquez


Yannick Miaffo

Breakout session - 45 min.

Transform Application Testing with Low-Code Automation and AI

Application testers face the challenge of needing to build automated tests that reliably run unattended and adapt to changes, yet these testers often lack the resources and tooling to do so. With UiPath Test Suite, you're equipped with production-grade, low-code automation and AI power tools to drive your application testing strategy to the digital future. Join this workshop to learn how you can transform your application testing practices and experience faster automation, quicker execution, and less maintenance. 

Erik Leaseburg Headshot

Erik Leaseburg

Breakout Session - 45 min.

Seamlessly Converge RPA and Testing with UiPath Test Suite

Digital transformation has changed how organizations operate and deliver value to customers. As a result, the need for speed and increased operational efficiency has led to the rise of low-code development platforms and robotic process automation (RPA). UiPath Test Suite is the only platform that seamlessly converges RPA and testing. In this session, you'll see firsthand how Test Suite helps you to build and deliver automations faster, continuously test to uncover underlying issues, and proactively resolve issues to prevent business disruptions so you can focus on scaling. 


Vikram Parolkar

Breakout Session - 45 min.

Ensure Quality and Efficiency in SAP Processes with Test Automation

For SAP applications and SAP S/4HANA migration processes, it's crucial to engage in automated testing to ensure the quality of critical businesses processes, streamline testing cycles, and improve testing accuracy. In this workshop, you'll learn how to leverage UiPath Test Suite capabilities to enhance the benefits of test automation for all your SAP testing needs. 

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