28 December 2018

Get your RPA Developer Advanced Certification for Free Until March 31st, 2019

28 December 2018

Get your RPA Developer Advanced certification for FREE until March 31st, 2019

At UiPath Academy we are ending the year with good news: we are extending the FREE availability of the RPA Developer Advanced certification until March 31st, 2019. 


In the three months that have passed since we first made the certification process available online and free of charge, more than two thousand individuals have earned their certification and are now taking advantage of new opportunities in the RPA field. 


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2018 was a great year for the UiPath Academy in its role supporting the democratization of RPA at the benefit of individuals and enterprises alike. In April, the UiPath Academy turned one. It may not seem like much, but in RPA years it’s a lot. More than 200.000 people from all over the world have registered by now. That’s a fifth of a million! And we’re only just getting started.



The UiPath Academy is a key component in UiPath’s goal to democratize RPA learning. It has touched hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and will continue to bring the industry’s most advanced RPA learning. The UiPath Academy provides the knowledge to people ranging from those who have a casual interest in RPA to advanced RPA developers looking to become certified and make a difference within their companies. Tom Clancy, SVP UiPath Learning

by Mina Deckard

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