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31 January 2019

Enroll in the NEW Security Training from UiPath Academy

31 January 2019

Enroll in the NEW Security Training from UiPath Academy

Self-paced and openly accessible online, the new training throws the full weight of the UiPath Platform’s risk-mitigating capabilities behind security engineers and their plans to implement and maintain secure automated processes.


RPA lowers security efforts, but isn't without risks


With the Security Training course Robotic Process Automation (RPA) professionals and more specifically IT security engineers will learn to:

  • identify the potential security risks introduced by RPA implementation in their organization;
  • deepen their knowledge of all the features available in the UiPath Platform and how they serve to mitigate data and access-related risks;
  • explore security best practices and how to implement them for each of our Platform’s components: UiPath Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator.

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More than 40 government agencies use UiPath today to automate their operations. The UiPath Platform is built with defense-grade security and auditing features that include role-based access control, encryption everywhere, and Veracode-certified Code. That said, RPA technology isn’t without risks. No development technology ever is. But with the right security controls implemented from the beginning, your RPA will be stable and your organization's data and robots will be kept in check.

“Despite RPA not holding any data on its own and working as a top layer, and despite robots doing strictly and precisely what you tell them to do, things can turn sour. There may be cases of inappropriate access to sensitive data and abuse of administrative privileges, or, more critically perhaps, changes that may occur in the automated process that will affect the robots’ ability to perform. Learning what can go wrong and how our platform's security features mitigate development and implementation risks should help IT leaders build more easily the necessary infrastructure for secure and reliable automation projects.” - Ovidiu Bestea, IT infrastructure director, UiPath

by Mina Deckard

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