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2 November 2017

UiPath and Celonis Team to Rapidly Accelerate the Customer Journey to Digital Business Operations

2 November 2017

UiPath and Celonis Team to Rapidly Accelerate the Customer Journey to Digital Business Operations

UiPath, a leading global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform vendor, and Celonis, the global leader in Process Mining software, announced a strategic partnership today.  In response to popular demand from customers, the companies will jointly market and co-sell their respective solutions empowering customers to transform and digitize their businesses by streamlining and automating their processes.


Combining both solutions overcomes many of the challenges large enterprises face when trying to automate their processes, and has the potential to further simplify RPA implementation times by an additional 50-60%. Customers can now automatically visualize and screen their processes for areas with highest automation potential, and subsequently build, test, and deploy RPA in an accelerated and structured fashion. Following the deployment of UiPath robots, customers can leverage the purpose-built UiPath/Celonis integration, which will offer the industry’s first capability to continuously analyze, manage and monitor both human and digital workers interacting with their business processes.

UiPath is committed to delivering the most capable, agile and scalable RPA platform in the market, commented Daniel Dines, CEO and founder of UiPath. Working with Celonis, our vision is to dramatically accelerate process automation deployment based on Celonis’ ability to capture complete workforce analytics data. UiPath is already recognized for its simplicity and speed of implementation to digitize a business process. Together we are simplifying the ability for our customers to digitize a wide range of processes throughout their business operations.

It is crucial for customers to understand the maturity of their processes and decide which processes are standardized enough to benefit from RPA and which processes require further streamlining upfront, said Alexander Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis. Combining Celonis with RPA customers can digitize their entire business operations faster and end-to-end using both powerful analytics and state of the art automation. Using Process Mining, our customers have accelerated and optimized their RPA results significantly.

In summary, combining RPA with Process Mining customers can:

  1. Evaluate their current processes by getting instant visualization of the as-is processes;
  2. Identify process automation opportunities with highest business impact ;
  3. Understand the RPA business case based on their companies’ data;
  4. Reduce project risk through 100% process transparency at all phases of the RPA implementation;
  5. Measure, sustain and adapt their digitized processes over time.

by Anna Ghica

TOPICS: partnership

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