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22 June 2018

Craft the Future of RPA: A New Mission for Developers Around the World by UiPath

22 June 2018

Craft the Future of RPA: A New Mission for Developers Around the World by UiPath

We’re happy to announce a new and exciting challenge where all of you automation aficionados can put your knowledge and skills to good use. The Power Up Automation Hackathon gives competitors the opportunity to build open source, reusable components with UiPath Studio, and win over $91,000 in cash and prizes.


Before you start, we strongly encourage you to enroll in the free, online UiPath Academy, where you can immerse yourself in an accelerated RPA training program. This will give you a chance to win an extra $5,000 if your component gets chosen for the best application of Academy lessons.


To participate, your component must be open source, built with UiPath Studio, and must automate repetitive tasks commonly found in the workplace. Here are some of the categories to keep in mind: custom activities, dashboard components, automation frameworks, application connectors, snippets, machine learning models.


With a teammate or on your own, register for the hackathon, learn about the UiPath RPA technology, use the UiPath Community Edition and start building! You may submit more applications, but each must include one reusable component, a demo video, the documentation of your component, and access to your open source code. Send your submission on uipath.devpost.com not later than August 22, 2018, at 5 PM ET.


Don't forget to read all about the hackathon’s terms and conditions and what resources are available to you.


Happy automating!


by Gratiela Dumitrica

TOPICS: UiPath Academy, RPA Hackathon

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