Deloitte and UiPath delivering cognitive advantage​

Deloitte and UiPath work together to help enterprises modernize and digitize their workforce​​

Many organizations are looking for ways to streamline their business processes and reduce time spent on manual, resource-intensive tasks. In a world where change is constant, new levels of agility are required to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, competitors, and customer expectations. Many leading businesses are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) programs to digitize, modernize, and achieve a competitive advantage.

Deloitte and UiPath deliver robotic and cognitive automation solutions to help enterprises across multiple industries and sectors advance digital transformation. Together, we implement, manage, and monitor large-scale, transformational digital and automation programs that fundamentally reshape the way organizations operate.

Deloitte is uniquely positioned, as the first certified UiPath Service Network Partner, to handle premier RPA implementations. With this certification Deloitte is equipped with advanced training and resources for UiPath implementations. This, coupled with Deloitte's industry experience, allows them to provide excellent capabilities for our shared clients.

The results speak for themselves


UiPath trained team members globally


custom solutions, such as intelligent document processing, legal automation services, and automation as a service


client projects across all industries and sectors

It's the "Age of With"​

Anthony Abbattista, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, discusses how Deloitte and UiPath deliver results together​.

The Evolution of Robotics

​Deloitte’s Brijesh Singh discusses the Evolution and Future of Robotics Cognitive Automation.


What can Deloitte & UiPath do for you?​

Together we help enterprises modernize and digitize their workforce.​


Improve operational efficiency, increase agility, and streamline processes by automating tasks across all business functions​.


Increase confidence in organizational decision-making and the ability to respond faster to changing market, customer, and competitor conditions.


Modernize complex processes and operations at-scale for each part of the business​.


Establish a digital workforce to improve productivity, service levels, and customer service.


Reduce operating costs and shift focus towards business initiatives that drive revenue, innovation, and ROI.


Build and deliver automation solutions such as legal automation services, data processing solutions, and automation as a service.

anthony abbattista deloitte

Deloitte’s commitment to RPA as a driver for the transformation of organizations is a strategic choice. We have a strong Robotics & Cognitive automation practice that is fundamentally reshaping the way businesses work. The partnership with UiPath – a leader in RPA – complements our capabilities to offer innovative services and solutions to our clients, helping them drive concrete business outcomes with an 'automation first' mindset.

Anthony Abbattista

Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP​

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