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Benefit from the combined strengths of UiPath’s industry-leading, flexible and extensible RPA platform and Deloitte’s deep industry perspectives and comprehensive automation lifecycle experience to modernize your workforce and fundamentally transform the way you do business. Our RPA solutions and cognitive capabilities reimagine how humans with machines can increase productivity, advance how we work and make decisions, and create interactions together.

Be nimble in an age of constant change

Implement, monitor and manage your large-scale, transformational digital programs with confidence with a blend of experienced local and global resources.

Let one of the world's premier end-to-end professional service providers assess, implement and operate across all aspects of your RPA journey. 

Tackle more complex automations using the laws of probabilities with a trusted consulting and implementation partner with true experience in cognitive automation.

Use cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies to expand the possibilities of your automation journey.

Benefit from a consistent approach to automation and rapidly respond to requests to automate complex processes with professionals experienced at developing near and long-term RPA strategies designed to help reduce implementation risk and increase ROI.

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Transform your business and thrive with an ‘automation first’ mindset.

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Tap into the power of RPA. Forrester reports greater efficiency, more customer insights and better employee engagement.

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Deployed 100+ projects worldwide, with Deloitte Consulting resources trained in UiPath


Long-standing relationship that’s as both a valued customer and trusted implementation partner


Delivering solutions across a wide array of industries and sectors, including financial services, supply chain, human resources, and procurement


Jointly building and delivering automation solutions such as legal automation services, data processing solutions, and automation as a service

A proven approach to successful RPA delivery combined with highly skilled and capable robots

UiPath’s platform is open and integrated, built on defense-grade security, and provides automation at scale. Our robots are learning new skills and interoperate with all the leading artificial intelligence and machine learning vendors.


Visual Understanding

Human-like recognition of UI elements


Process Understanding

Opportunities derived from analyzing user pattern


Document Understanding

Insight into new sources of unstructured data


Conversational Understanding

Sentiment of text, chat, and invoice inputs

Drive real business outcomes

Deloitte’s commitment to RPA as a driver for the transformation of organizations is a strategic choice. We have a strong Robotics & Cognitive automation practice that is fundamentally reshaping the way businesses work.
The partnership with UiPath – a leader in RPA – complements our capabilities to offer innovative services and solutions to our clients, helping them drive concrete business outcomes with an 'automation first' mindset.


Anthony Abbattista, Principal and Delivery Excellence Leader of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Analytics & Cognitive Practice

UiPath is leading the 'automation first' era, a period in which scaling software robot operations is becoming as critical as human-and-robot collaboration is turning mainstream. As this interest in accelerated processes and improved customer service amongst organizations continues to grow, this alliance between UiPath and Deloitte enables commercial enterprises, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers to make more meaningful decisions about what to automate to drive digital transformation and real transformational outcomes.

Chris Morgan, Global Vice President Partners and Alliances, UiPath

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