Deloitte and UiPath deliver an AI-powered advantage​

Deloitte and UiPath collaborate to put AI to work

In a world where change is constant, new levels of agility are required to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, competitors, and customer expectations. Many leading businesses are turning to intelligent automation (IA) programs to digitize, modernize, and achieve a competitive advantage.

Deloitte and UiPath deliver AI-powered automation solutions to help enterprises across industries and sectors advance digital transformation. Together, we help clients 1) define their AI strategy, 2) deliver best-in-class AI solutions, and 3) support and sustain programs while focusing on value realization.

As a Platinum Partner, Deloitte is uniquely positioned to support clients with all aspects of their adoption of the UiPath Business Automation Platform.​

The results speak for themselves


UiPath trained team members globally


custom solutions, such as intelligent document processing, and automation as a service


automations developed for clients across multiple industries
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Deloitte’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has made them one of UiPath’s most trusted partners. Their dedication to harnessing the power of automation and AI with our technology has not only transformed their own operations but has enabled them to help customers achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, agility, and success in their digital transformation journeys. Together we are reshaping the future of business. Deloitte is more than just a partner; they are a visionary leader in our ecosystem.

Kelly Ducourty

Chief Customer Officer, UiPath

Charting the Course with Automation

Charting the course with automation

Rebecca Young, Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP and Nicole Otero, Automation as a Service Program Lead for the Secretary of the Navy join theCUBE hosts at UiPath FORWARD VI, to discuss the dynamic evolution of the Department of the Navy’s journey with automation and AI.

The Power of Deloitte and UiPath

The power of Deloitte and UiPath

Deloitte’s Sam Balaji, Principal and Global Business Leader, joined UiPath CEO Rob Enslin on stage at UiPath FORWARD VI, to delve into embedding an 'automation first' mindset with SAP using UiPath technologies.

UiPath + Deloitte + SAP: Driving an automation first approach to digital transformation

Creating an industry-first blueprint for automation around SAP



Business Automation Platform



Advise, implement, and operate



Core ERP

Deloitte, UiPath, and SAP are partnering to accelerate the transformation of their clients’ businesses through a new focus on AI-powered automation around SAP. Together, this partnership will focus on:

  • Building process automation solutions with a market leader, UiPath, and enhancing business workflows, interfaces, and experiences.

  • Fostering digital transformation and driving co-innovation by harnessing Deloitte’s deep expertise in processes and technology as a leading SAP and AI provider globally.

  • Leveraging SAP’s advanced S/4HANA platform to deliver intelligent, interconnected solutions with a wide array of applications through a clean ERP core.


What can Deloitte and UiPath do for you?

Together, we help transform enterprises through intelligent automation and AI.


Improve operational efficiency, increase agility, and streamline processes through implementing IA solutions across the enterprise.


Increase confidence in organizational decision-making and the ability to respond faster to changing market, customer, and competitor conditions.


Implement AI-powered automation solutions at scale for each part of the business.


Establish a digital workforce to improve productivity, service levels, and customer service.


Reduce operating costs and shift focus toward business initiatives that drive revenue, innovation, and ROI.


Build and deliver IA solutions such as IDP, operating models, and RPA.

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Case Study

Deloitte’s Automation Journey using the UiPath Business Automation Platform

Throughout the journey with UiPath, Deloitte saw improvements across people, processes, and technologies. The results have been significant. Deloitte has automated more than 600 processes, which achieved a cumulative savings of more than 4 million labor hours.

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