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Deloitte drives internal efficiencies using the UiPath Business Automation Platform

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As one of the world’s largest professional services companies, Deloitte pursued intelligent automation as a technology known for driving productivity, improving revenue generation, and supporting workforce morale and upskilling.

Deloitte is a recognized market leader in digital transformation, helping clients transform their businesses using the most cutting-edge technologies. Many of those technology solutions are also used to enable Deloitte’s internal operations. With established experience delivering intelligent automation technologies to drive value for clients, Deloitte also saw the opportunity to leverage those technologies internally to transform their own operations.

Reimagining business processes using intelligent automation

Deloitte sought to improve and standardize some of its most cumbersome and inefficient processes across its global operations by looking for common processes that cut across functions and global member firms. Areas that Deloitte targeted included:

  • Customer Invoicing: Deloitte’s invoicing processes were ripe for intelligent automation as they required manual data entry of milestone billing data for specific customers and contracts directly into its internal Finance platforms.

  • HR Onboarding: Deloitte identified a significant opportunity to reduce effort and cycle time for recruiting and onboarding activities.

  • HR Benefits: Deloitte needed automation to be able to quickly and nimbly respond to regulatory changes due to COVID-19. One example was the new requirements to provide a “work from home” benefit tax forms to all employees in various jurisdictions. This was not resolvable through legacy systems.

Implementing intelligent automation using the UiPath platform

In 2017 Deloitte established its global Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence to lead efforts to automate internal processes for member firms. As various use cases emerged across member firms, Deloitte identified UiPath as the primary platform to enable its automation efforts. Deloitte’s priority was to integrate automation natively into existing enterprise systems without disrupting the current technology environment.

For the identified invoicing processes, Deloitte leveraged UiPath to create digital workers to automate hundreds of thousands of annual billing and invoicing requests. This new digital workforce, capable of handling thousands of billing requests daily, improved timeliness, efficiency, and revenue generation while freeing up human workers to focus on more valuable work.

These early successes fueled momentum for more innovative, transformative applications. With core RPA capabilities wellestablished, Deloitte also began to adopt additional capabilities of the UiPath platform:

  • Customer Invoicing: Deloitte leveraged Document Understanding to support shared services billing and other document processing use cases.

  • HR Onboarding: Deloitte designed a process using UiPath’s AI and human-in-the-loop capabilities to support recruiters at each step of the recruitment process, including drafting offer letters, sharing necessary documents with new employees, streamlining background checks, and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for new hires.

  • HR Benefits: Deloitte quickly scaled a multi-bot environment to generate the large volume of documents required in a short time.

Driving efficiency and productivity for Deloitte and its clients

The results of Deloitte’s intelligent automation journey have been significant. Deloitte has automated more than 600 processes, which achieved a cumulative savings of more than 4 million labor hours. Armed with a new digital workforce, Deloitte’s reduced cycle times and streamlined processes have allowed for faster client invoicing, faster employee onboarding, and increased job satisfaction in these functions.

At Deloitte, we’re putting our capabilities into practice by leveraging the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform to effectively support our internal workforce processes. Our alliance relationship with UiPath and our collective capabilities and experiences enable us to deliver automation transformations for our clients with greater efficiency and success.

Gina Schaefer, Intelligent Automation Practice Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte’s automation journey brought improvements across people, processes, and technologies, and the journey continues. Deloitte extended its internal work with UiPath into a new multi-year agreement to develop and deploy more than 4,000 automations.

Deloitte has deep experience in helping clients eliminate inefficiencies and gain new insights from process improvements. Through the journey with UiPath, Deloitte has also experienced the transformative power of automation to better meet their business needs and goals.

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