Manage a Hybrid Workforce of Humans and Robots

Ramp Up Your RPA Program Faster with Enate & UiPath

Deliver incredible services with a hybrid workforce

Efficiently govern and monitor a hybrid workforce of humans and Robots in one solution. Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform orchestrates the delivery and management of work, so humans can seamlessly pick up tasks that Robots cannot complete due to process failures or exceptions. Deploy more Robots, much faster, with less risk, while benefiting from greater operational visibility and optimized performance.

Get digital faster


Expand your use cases by 30% with a hybrid workforce


De-risk your deployments with a Human in the Loop for when automations go awry


Reduce your programming time by 30 to 50% by passing edge cases and exceptions to humans


Prove the ROI from your RPA investments with Enate’s analytics

Make teams more effective


Reduce end-to-end workflow times by up to 70% with better control of who is doing what and when


Focus on performance rather than fighting fires by tracking team output, productivity, and utilization


Optimize allocation of human and robotic resources automatically to give the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) results


Create a better customer experience with a happier and more efficient operation

Keep a human in the loop

Drive measurable results

The shared services arm of a major European Insurance Group (managing policy, fund administration and other services) receives the majority of requests by email with many manual processes running across legacy asset and policy management systems. They needed a better way to determine where to deploy UiPath Robots.

Results from Enate with UiPath

  • 80% reduction in internal processing time
  • 70% reduction in end-to-end cycle time
  • 38% reduction in incoming phone call volumes, despite an increase in transaction volumes in the same timeframe
  • 75% reduction in overtime 

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A leading International Law Firm specializing in visa-processing was performing a high quantity of core administrative tasks into its legacy visa-processing case management system. They needed to get control of processing and capacity across the human workforce then find the best route to deploy RPA.


Results from Enate with UiPath

  • 20% excess capacity exposed
  • 10% reduction in activity as all work allocation is automated
  • Clear route to deploy RPA demonstrated with Enate now managing both human and Robot workforce


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Manage a Hybrid Workforce
of Humans and Robots

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