Find the value in every communication to unlock insights and opportunities at speed and scale

Discover, monitor, and automate conversations for higher efficiency and better experiences
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Cut the waste, boost productivity
Identify and cut wasteful service processes while supercharging productivity through automated communications.
Give CX an upgrade
Uncover what customers really want and troubleshoot problem areas.
Tap into the value of communications
Identify areas for quick, valuable growth with AI-powered analysis.
It’s time to innovate with the way you communicate
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There’s a wealth of value in your communications. Don’t let it go to waste.

  • Scale AI across your business
  • Discover and quantify transformation opportunities within communications
  • Improve customer and employee service
  • Expand the range of automation possibilities
Scale AI across your business
  • Combine human intelligence with machine efficiency and active learning to train custom AI models at speed and scale.
  • Give business users the no-code tools they need to create custom, accurate ML models in minutes, not months.
  • Fine tune CommPath, the AI model powering Communications Mining, to tailor it to the needs of your business.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art AI in a secure environment with strong controls and guardrails.​
Discover and quantify transformation opportunities
  • Mine historic communications to identify and quantify transformation opportunities.
  • Analyze message clusters that reveal repetitive processes, requests, and issues.
  • Aggregate, query, and chart at all levels to find the insights for process improvement and business innovation.
Improve customer and employee service
  • Quantify, track, and continuously improve the quality of your service experience.​
  • Identify, quantify, and track in issues in real time.
  • Improve the service experience with configurable dashboards, alerts, and reports tracking specific issues such as escalations.
Expand your automation potential
  • Connect communication channels, quickly create new sources of structured data, and access predictions from ML models to drive actions downstream.
  • Enable reliable, end-to-end automation— attended or unattended with AI understanding and confidence thresholds.
  • Easily integrate with your existing systems.
Driving continuous discovery and service automation
Industry: Insurance
Insurance leader Hiscox is using UiPath Communications Mining to enhance customer experience and increase operational efficiency by automating service work.
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How does Communications Mining work?

See how Communications Mining drives analytics and automation with AI, strong guardrails, and model training that puts employees and their expertise at the center.​

Marco Rodrigues

"At Hiscox, we have a motto for how we want to do service: ‘easy, simple, and worry free.’ I like to use this to describe Communications Mining: easy, simple, and worry-free technology. If I want to launch a new model, I don’t need to ask for a new use case or budget, I just ask my team to start model training."

Marco Rodrigues

Head of Service Center, Efficiency, and Automation, Hiscox

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The ultimate guide to communications mining

Explore how businesses are using AI to automate more processes, scale operations, and transform the service experience—with the revolutionary capabilities of communications mining.

Turn every communication into an opportunity for insight

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