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Guy Kirkwood talks about solving the productivity problem

Region: United Kingdom


UiPath's COO and Chief Evangelist, Guy Kirkwood explains how companies can save employees from the burden of repetitive tasks, while unlocking their true potential through brain work that could ultimately help the business.

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Guy Kirkwood discuss about how to make human jobs more creative

Region: United Knigdom


Amid an ongoing discussion about robots replacing human jobs, employers must remember that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

An element of autonomy and creative input is crucial for people to be truly satisfied at work. Many enter professions because they are a commercially viable way of living out creative aspirations. As such, people are driven to succeed through making individual contributions and using their own initiative to improve ways of working and drive business growth.

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Raghunath Subramanian talks about how to automate the boring stuff

Region: Hong Kong

Publication: EJ Insight

Skills shortages are one reason for this and are already costing Hong Kong. According to a recent survey by Robert Half, three in four chief financial officers are experiencing talent shortages, to such an extent that it is affecting their productivity and revenue, and many are experiencing significant competition from abroad.

So an embrace of technology is a smart way to both address skills shortages and become more productive, but the question then becomes, which technology, and how can it be implemented in a way that improves overall productivity?

This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in, a technology that is perfectly suited to Hong Kong.

RPA essentially automates all of the repetitive, rules-based tasks that occur in pretty much any industry. So in finance – one of Hong Kong’s leading industries – armies of workers will be employed to process loans, move data around, literally copy and pasting data in many cases.

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Guy Kirkwood discuss about how Tech Sector Reacts To Government’s Plans To Target AI And Stem Digital Skills Gap

Region: United Kingdom


“As a society, we are currently undergoing a rapid period of change which is intertwined with and driven by advances in technology. Consequently, consumers’ expectations have altered significantly and it is encouraging to see the UK government helping to equip businesses for this changing environment with the launch of its digital strategy today,” he said. 

“Robotics and AI in particular will be central to helping organisations cope with the accelerating pace of business, as has been recognised by this plan. Institutions across the financial, legal, insurance and consulting sectors are already taking advantage of recent developments in this field to streamline back-end processes and meet the demands of the modern citizen.

“Further increasing the autonomy of such robots will be the key to not only meeting external demand but also liberating employees to perform more valuable, creative tasks. This will be pivotal to driving growth for businesses in the UK and worldwide.”

Guy Kirkwood, COO UiPath

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Guy Kirkwood in "Bridging the gap for the C-suite"

Region: United Kingdom

Publication: IT Pro Portal

Guy Kirkwood,COO and Chief Evangelist of UiPath, offers an overall view on how Robotic Process Automation could allow businesses to move at the same pace as their customers.

When we talk about the urgent need for organisations to undertake digital transformation, the necessity goes far beyond the business world. What we are seeing is a significant societal change where rapid advances in technology are allowing people to expect to live life on their own terms. Increasingly people demand 24/7 service, they assume that they can take delivery of purchased products within a day and they believe that they should have an influence on the services that businesses provide.

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Daniel Dines, CEO UiPath in "Trendspotting: can virtual bots handle compliance tasks?"

Region: Asia

Publication: Citywire Asia

Reminiscent of 2014’s Transcendence and Dr Will Caster’s experiments with sentience and artificial intelligence, ‘robotic process automation’ is one term private banks should add to their lexicons.

With some banks spending up to $4 billion a year on compliance, it’s time to look at a solution where virtual bots can mimic actions and rules-based decisions taken by employees, especially in compliance, according to Daniel Dines, founder and CEO of UiPath, a robotics automation solutions provider.

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Daniel Dines talks about how robots are changing the face of banking

Region: Asia

Publication: The Asian Banker

“RPA can be implemented across the board to all types of processes, except probably the ones that require a high level of cognitive capability. It is a journey that requires creating a dedicated centre of excellence, training people, managing process and data security, and building operating model around RPA. The automated process can then be replicated to deliver savings week after week. If this is done ‘right’ then an institution can start with 40-60% cost reduction within the first year and extend up to 70% cost savings,” said Daniel Dines, CEO and founder of RPA software company UiPath.

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Ashwani Kohli about a blueprint for Singapore's future

Region: Singapore

Publication: The Straits Times

The report of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), after more than a year of discussions, may not have offered ground-breaking ideas, but it does serve as a comprehensive blueprint for the economic principles to keep Singapore sturdy in an uncertain future. This, in short, was the feedback from economists, business chambers, business leaders and consultants who perused the report after its release yesterday.

Mr Ashwani Kohli, the Asia-Pacific head of UiPath, a robotic process automation provider, noted that the continued drive towards higher productivity will require an embrace of automation, which will free up Singaporean workers to do higher- value activities.

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ABBYY and UiPath at the Future of Finance Summit

Region: United Kingdom

Publication: ABBYY News

ABBYY, a leading global provider of technologies and solutions to action information, will present capture-driven process automation solutions for BPOs and Shared Service Centers (SSC) at the Future of Finance Summit in London. This industry-leading event for CFOs, Finance Leaders and Global Process Owners addresses the most pressing topics in the industry and crafts a shared vision of the direction finance is taking. On the 15th and 16th of February, ABBYY’s experts, together with UiPath, a premium vendor of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, will showcase innovative and trendsetting solutions for automating Accounts Payable processes. 

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Automation And The Hospitality Industry

Region: Asia

Publication: TTG Asia

Given the high costs and manpower shortages experienced in the Singapore hotel sector, automation and hospitality are two words rarely used in the same sentence. Other industries have embraced automation, manufacturing has massively increased its productivity thanks to machines, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) led by companies such as UiPath promises to replace the repetitive, rules-based tasks present in many financial institutions, yet local hotels seem to be free of such technology, despite the presence of many repetitive, rules-based jobs.

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