Customer-Driven Innovation

Bringing AI into the real world

Every idea we pursue and every product we develop comes from actively listening to and engaging with our customers.

Solving real-world problems using artificial intelligence (AI)—and pairing AI with RPA—motivates every individual at UiPath.

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However, putting AI and RPA to use in the real world can be complicated.

Tackling that is what customer-driven innovation is all about.

Working together to simplify the complex

We know we can’t—and shouldn’t—try to tackle the application of AI to solve business challenges alone. Working with customers helps us simplify complexities. That’s why we practice customer-driven innovation: to erase boundaries between our customers and ourselves.

Pursuing ideas with customer input

Customer-driven innovation is at the heart of our mission and embedded in our DNA. We’re passionate about the potential for AI and RPA to solve customer problems across industries and use cases.

Out of the lab and into your business

With your help, we are continually finding ways to pair AI with RPA to tackle real-world pain points.

Three questions

We begin every product discussion with these questions:

  • Why are customers asking for this type of product?

  • What problems will this particular product solve for our customers?

  • How can we incorporate customers into the development process?

All product lines

Customer-driven innovation is our unique approach to product development and solution delivery across all of our product lines.

Many touch points

We gather feedback from many touchpoints, including preview programs, our customer advisory board, our 400k+ user community, meetups, and conferences, to open us up to learn, share, and collaborate.

Your insights drive product development

UiPath product development begins and ends with you because nobody knows your business—and your pain points—better than you do.

Your unique insights into the challenges you face day-to-day help us create RPA applications to simplify your business workflows and free up your teams for higher-value tasks.

Two-way communication channel

Keeping a two-way communication channel open with our customers ensures we can quickly adapt to the market and respond directly to customer needs.

With your feedback top-of-mind, we develop new products to more effectively meet your needs.

Whole product cycle

By actively listening to our customers, we amplify the customer voice and customer influence at each stage of the product lifecycle: research, design, development, early access programs (EAP), private preview, public preview, and launch of a product to general availability.

Never-ending collaboration

Our collaboration doesn’t end at launch. We refine and optimize products based on customer feedback long after a product goes to market.

Every new release, upgrade, and update brings our products closer to our customers.

Let’s work together and put AI to work for you

Are you ready to explore how AI can transform your business and help you embrace an 'automation first' approach?

We’re ready to work with you at any stage of your journey. Connect with us today and let’s collaborate to help you take advantage of an AI-enabled RPA solution. We'll address your most pressing business challenges and help drive tangible results for your company.