Know Your RPA ROI

Positive ROI in government means tax money is being better utilized.

Since the implementation of the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot at a federal agency one year ago, agencies have been increasingly realizing the savings and efficiency capabilities of RPA.

Read why Public Sector ROI is unique. Understand why you have to prepare your business case to be used now and in the future. Appreciate how regardless of how much effort you put into your business case, be prepared for criticism. Building a defensible ROI takes time but does not have to be hard. Reporting on progress using an agreed-upon methodology that is transparently presented will ensure you have a clear picture of the progress of the RPA project.

Governments will find high ROI for their projects due to the nature of its highly transactional, repetitive and necessary work. A well thought out business case requires knowing what you know and also appreciating what you do not know you do not know. Government agencies that are willing to take this low-risk opportunity to free their workforce from robotic work and let government employees get back to working on their mission will find integrating virtual employees is worth the price.

UiPath’s downloadable, market-ready product, combined with a free online Academy create a high-reward and low-risk opportunity to begin retraining and re-skilling the government workforce.

Learn more about your RPA ROI with this downloadable whitepaper.