GDPR Compliance – Can Automation Save the Day?

A research report by Everest Group

With the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in full effect starting in May, all companies operating in or doing business with the EU have presumably adapted to new data protection practices.

In reality, not all organizations have managed to ensure full GDPR compliance, and that relates mostly to the extensive changes that the regulation demands, in terms of technology, processes and human work.

In this paper, Everest Group analyzes how RPA can ease the burden of compliance for organizations, and the key areas in which it could play a critical role.


Main Takeaways

  • GDPR and its implications for organizations, particularly in terms of administrative overheads;
  • The role that RPA can play in helping automate GDPR-related administrative tasks and functions;
  • The implications of GDPR on sourcing / service delivery models and the RPA angle in such decisions;
  • The case for digital transformation and superior analytics driven by GDPR compliance, and a framework to work through the automation play.

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