Valenta Combines AI-powered Automation With Managed Services to Solve Complex Business Challenges

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Combining its value proposition around managed automation with UiPath’s AI/ML capabilities, Valenta is helping organizations make the transition from pure play RPA to AI-powered automation. As a result, its clients are able to solve complex business challenges with significant cost savings.

Valenta is one of the leading global providers of comprehensive business solutions ranging from process optimization and automation to digital transformation and staff augmentation. The North American headquartered company operates from its 50+ offices and 8 service centers in 17+ countries across the Americas, UK, Europe, India, and Australasia. Valenta has built in-depth expertise across domains, including BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, real estate, and telecom among others.

Valenta’s automation practice, initiated in 2021 in partnership with UiPath, has seen a pivotal shift from pure play Bots to AI-powered automation. This strategic shift has helped the company strengthen its positioning as a solutions provider helping clients solve complex business challenges.

Today, Valenta’s domain specific automation offerings are 100% powered on the UiPath Platform. As an end-to-end solution, the platform offers a distinct advantage in addressing the growing demand for AI focused automation.

Valenta’s team of AI/ML experts focused on advanced analytics, GPT and conversational AI are further empowered by UiPath platform’s capabilities.. Combining their respective expertise with UiPath, the company is able to offer tailor made AI experiences to its clients.

The partnership with UiPath has transformed the way we operate as an organization and the way we work with our clients. It’s advanced AI-powered platform has empowered us to offer advanced AI/ML capabilities to our clients, leading to improved outcomes. This has been a key differentiator for us.

Jayesh Kasim, Co-Founder, Valenta

Valenta has built its value proposition around managed automation. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for automation it allows its clients to subscribe to automation or AI as a service and pay a fixed monthly fee like a SaaS model.

Taking on complex business problems with AI-powered automation

Valenta's automation practice is built on the three key pillars of customer experience, employee satisfaction, and digital acceleration. The three pillars are closely linked, with intelligent automation and AI fitting right into the digital acceleration pillar, enhancing the other two. This shift towards a digital first approach enables the company to be more than just a vendor and become a trusted partner in its clients' digital transformation journeys.

Kasim believes that adding AI and analytics has been a game changer for the company’s automation practice with clients also realizing that achieving real value necessitates the transition from pure play RPA to automation plus AI/ML.

We are able to discuss complex challenges and build new and creative commercial models that accelerate our clients’ AI journeys, which was not the case earlier with pure play RPA. Integrating AI into automation can save organizations significant costs if deployed right, and this is where UiPath’s AI/ML capabilities come in very handy.

Jayesh Kasim, Co-Founder, Valenta

For its automation plus AI/ML projects, Valenta works with the vast spectrum of UiPath’s AI-powered solutions and capabilities around IDP, process and task mining, test suite and insights, advanced analytics, and conversational AI. It finds the advanced AI capabilities around data extraction with IDP to be particularly advantageous.

“IDP’s ability to handle structured and unstructured documents as well as extract information from a wide range of documents and templates across different languages has proven crucial in meeting the evolving needs of our clients. The enhanced accuracy and efficiency are helping them save valuable time and resources,” explains Kasim.

Training and configuring Bots on UiPath's AI Fabric component results in high-performance outputs, enabling clients to in turn elevate their service and satisfaction levels for their customers. This combination of RPA and AI provides a powerful toolset for productivity and efficiency gains. This newfound efficiency allows clients to automate more complex aspects of their businesses and integrate additional applications.

The seamless integration of components from UiPath's marketplace contributes to Valenta's confidence in deploying more AI-powered automation solutions on the UiPath platform.

Valenta’s approach to automation projects

Valenta's approach involves starting with basic RPA and gradually transitioning to AI focused automation as clients mature in their automation journey. The client engagements usually start with a PoC to demonstrate the difference between manual and automation, and between automation and AI-powered automation.

Valenta’s automation and consulting teams work together to identify the gaps and evaluate UiPath's growth products for various use cases to develop solutions on a case-by-case basis. This helps determine the best approach that also factors in the commercials. Valenta’s managed automation services help to maintain and optimize the automations at every stage once the solution is deployed.

Valenta’s framework for both pure play RPA and AI focused implementations follows a six-stage process with sign off at every stage to avoid misalignment. The six stages include - process walkthrough session; process design documentation; solution design documentation; development; user acceptance testing; and go-live.

Change management is an integral part of the process, taking into account planning changes, operational control, and controlling design and development changes to ensure smooth project execution.

Business case and ROI assessment

Valenta’s team of business analysts capture the current ‘as is’ process during the initial engagement while identifying the potential automation candidates. It then tailors the key metrics and values to each client's specific requirements rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

The business analysts work closely with the clients to define metrics based on FTE savings, process improvements, faster turnaround times, and other unique objectives. The business case is established prior to automation implementation, and ROI assessments are conducted periodically post-implementation to track progress and adjust strategies as needed.

Optimizing automation results

Valenta’s approach to automation as an ongoing journey rather than a destination clearly sets the expectations with the clients, with automation percentages increasing gradually year by year while reducing human involvement. Through its managed service offering the company is able to leverage its licenses and deploy across clients and offer them the best value for money for AI-powered automation.

Our clients already benefit from massive cost savings as they don’t need to invest in human capital, IT infrastructure and licenses. Further integration of consulting services helps in streamlining the process and implementing the right systems and procedures helps make the automations more successful than a pure play deployment. This leads to further optimizing the automations and maximizing the RoI.

Jayesh Kasim, Co-Founder, Valenta

Shaping the AI-Led Automation Landscape

Kasim is extremely bullish about the partnership with UiPath as both organizations actively explore technical and commercial collaboration opportunities, aiming to achieve greater synergies.

Valenta is committed to further its investments in the UiPath platform, growth products, and global team expansion, with a focus on building stronger AI capabilities. Future expansion plans include establishment of delivery centers across LATAM and MENA, expanding its sales team presence, and solidifying its position as leading UiPath partner globally.

As Valenta and UiPath continue to align their strategies and offerings, the partnership is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the AI-led automation landscape. Valenta envisions itself as a leading MSP in the UiPath ecosystem, driving innovation and excellence in automation practices across the globe.



Automation Helps Pas Trinidad Expedite Incoming Caro Processing with Zero Percent Error

About the Company: PAS Trinidad provides comprehensive transportation management solutions to customers in the Caribbean and Latin America region.

The Challenges:

  • Slow processing of incoming cargo labels, taking an average of 5 minutes per label with a volume of 500 to 1000 labels per day.

  • Bottleneck in the delivery operations during peak package volume periods due to slow speed.

  • Increased delivery lead times, high overtime, stressed employees, and adverse impact on customer satisfaction levels.

The Solution:

  • Engaged Valenta to provide an RPA managed service for automation using UiPath's RPA solution to capture label images and extract required data.

  • Defined design principles: speed of delivery, improved accuracy, and process efficiencies.

  • Cross-referenced data with customer and shipper databases.

  • Implemented the solution in 5 weeks, addressing the physical presence challenge.

The Results:

  • Bot processes the labels in an average of 45 seconds with 0% errors.

  • Processes 43 times more packages than employees in a week. Exceptions requiring agent intervention are less than 3%.

  • Enables 24x7 operations, compared to 5.2 hours per day by employees.

  • Eliminates the need for additional staffing and overtime during peak periods. Employees refocused on customer interaction and business growth.

  • Expansion of warehouse capacity due to increased efficiency.

  • Automation of three additional business processes in Trinidad operations.


Integrative RPA Frees-up Time for Redlands School Finance Team to Deliver Strategic Services

About the Company: Redlands is a coed, K to 11, private school in Sydney, Australia, with a history of academic excellence dating back to 1884.

The Challenges:

  • Finance department mired in high volume transactions with manging accounts, payroll, school uniforms and canteen services.

  • Small AR and AP teams spending 90-95% of their time on repetitive low value transactions.

  • Team’s ability to make time for strategic and high value activities hampered.

  • Avalanche of excel files produced to stitch together disparate data sources overwhelming for the canteen team.

The Solution:

  • Engaged Valenta to provide an RPA managed service for automation using UiPath's solution to automate over 35 processes.

  • Defined design principles: speed of delivery, improved accuracy, and process efficiencies.

  • Implemented solutions using UiPath’s DU and RPA bot for various processes including Canteen Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Adaptive Insights, Assistant Accountant, Fixed Assets, CFO Office, Property Services and Payroll.

  • Valenta reviewed processes across the organization, identifying the pain points.

  • Identifying rules-based candidates with high volume and accuracy dependent tasks for high impact and efficient outcomes.

  • RPA Bot developed on UiPath’s platform to mimic a series of human interactions (keystrokes) across multiple applications to enter data, deliver reports and produce curated content.

  • Transfer of over 30 processes to RPA capability with an additional 10-15 processes in discovery phase.

The Results:

  • Bot processes data and executes 5 to 20 times more transactions per minute than the human team, without errors.

  • Increased processing speed leading to daily time savings of five hours across all processes.

  • No additional need to audit and verify data, correct errors, and do re-work.

  • Embedded a level of process integrity and auditability not previously achievable.

  • Team morale improved as time was freed up to focus on business relationships and opportunities to support business growth.

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