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AI Coming to the Rescue: Accurate Document Processing at Scale


Photo of Tony Tzeng

Tony Tzeng

Management, Document Understanding, UiPath

Photo of Jeremy Tederry

Jeremy Tederry

Machine Learning Product Manager, AI Center, UiPath

Photo of Sophia Sembai

Sophia Sembai

AI Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

Every day organizations process invoices, bank statements, medical bills, contracts, and thousands of other documents. Wondering whether these advanced document-intensive processes can be automated end-to-end? This is what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for you when combined with robotic process automation (RPA). AI can get documents from your systems, classify them, and extract data, passing the output to respective applications for further consumption.

Relying on AI for document processing increases employees’ happiness, letting the team focus on more valuable work, speed up the process due dates, and minimize the error rate and costs.

Watch the recording to discover how AI-enabled solutions from UiPath can save you time and cost spent on manual document processing:

  • Teach robots to understand your documents with intelligence, accuracy, and speed using UiPath Document Understanding
  • Keep human in the loop to review and validate the results in case of exceptions or inaccuracies with UiPath Action Center
  • Train robots to process your custom documents continuously improving accuracy with the help of UiPath AI Center

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