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UiPath & Incedo Webinar:
The Blueprint to a Successful UiPath Adoption in Life Science


Photo of Michael Green

Michael Green

Sr. Director of Life Sciences, UiPath

Photo of Aravind Ramamuthy

Aravind Ramamuthy

SVP of Life Sciences, Incedo

The growth in the use of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) has created new data sets to mine for insights and that accelerate development to lower administrative cost.
Life Science Enterprises are well aware of the capabilities and benefits automation delivers, but struggle with where to begin on their digital transformation journey.
Common questions they encounter include:
  • How do they identify where to focus?
  • What are the dependencies that automation might disrupt?
  • Which technology would best fit the challenges they face?
  • What “low-hanging fruit” processes that will offer short term benefits and build confidence in adoption?
    What advantages, beyond cost reduction, will they realize?
Join Michael Green, UiPath’s Sr. Director of Life Sciences, and Aravind Ramamuthy, Incedo’s SVP of Life Sciences, and learn how, together, we’re helping Life Science Enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

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