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Continuous Automation: Build More. Test Better. Fix (Almost) Never


Photo of Gerd Weishaar

Gerd Weishaar

SVP Product Test Suite, UiPath

Photo of Rick Crosby

Rick Crosby

Pre-Sales Lead Test Suite, UiPath

Becoming a fully automated enterprise™ comes with many challenges, foremost are ensuring quality, minimizing maintenance, and implementing streamlined governance.

Over the past year, UiPath has made significant investments to enable our customers to build more resilient robots, reuse components and objects more effectively, and improve the ability to continuously monitor the health of robots and the applications they rely on.

UiPath has encapsulated these capabilities into a new approach - Continuous Automation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to get a comprehensive end-to-end demo of Test Suite in action, and learn from our product experts:

  • What causes automation fragility and how that impacts scaling
  • How a continuous approach to automation can improve its quality
  • How to use test automation to accelerate scalability

This webinar is part of the 20.10 Long-Term Support Release Product Deep-dive series. Register for instant on-demand access.


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