Webinar: Cerner Revenue Cycle Management Automation ROI’s in Action

Episode 17 - On Demand



Peter Camp


Bob DiSciulio


Wade Wright

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Jason Warrelmann

During the webcast series, you will gain insight into how our end-to-end hyperautomation platform can drive efficiency, compliance, and faster access to data resulting in better customer care, improved processes, and less employee burnout.

Episode 17: Camptek Software

Relying on a manual process to improve healthcare inefficiencies is not an effective use of time or resources. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help businesses solve productivity issues in the revenue cycle and throughout their organization. Today through RPA, healthcare organizations are saving time and millions of dollars by automating resource-consuming tasks, error checking, fulfilling quality control gaps, and reducing the cost to collect.

By joining this webinar, you will see real examples of how CampTek Software has helped health systems across the US simplify revenue cycle management and fill process gaps with ease.

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▪ Improved data accuracy and increased productivity▪ Eliminate tedious manual processes and human error▪ Reduce benefit claims and eligibility processing time▪ Boost revenue by assisting with collections, payment process, write-offs, adjustments and more

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