On Demand Webinar: Improving Clinical Outcome with Hyperautomation

Episode 3 - Innovation in Healthcare Webinar Series


Photo of Jeff Hatfield

Jeff Hatfield

VP Client Solutions, Amitech

Photo of Tony Tzeng

Tony Tzeng

Director of Product Management, UiPath

Photo of Lisa Weber

Lisa Weber

Healthcare Domain Expert, UiPath

Photo of Jason Warrelmann

Jason Warrelmann

Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences @ UiPath & your host!

During the webcast series, you will gain insight into how our end-to-end automation platform can drive efficiency, compliance, and faster access to data resulting in better customer care, improved processes, and less employee burnout.


Episode 3:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hyperautomation can give patients immediate access to the appropriate care management plan at the initial encounter, dramatically improving patient experience and outcomes, leading to a significant reduction in the overall cost of care.

Join Jeff Hatfield from Amitech as he dives deep into current solutions, shows current implementations of their FlintCMTM – Care Management Robot and explore how their clients are:

  • Reducing treatment time from four weeks to five minutes.
  • Achieving millions in efficiency cost reductions
  • Collecting all data, digital and manual surveys, to assess and deliver care in time for high risk patients.

Listen to Tony Tzeng from UiPath as he gives insight into the Document Understanding technology. This tool is used to collect and read various patient data types from patient or provider submitted documents and AI Fabric predictive models.

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