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RPA Essentials Webinar Series


Photo of Sam Bultitude

Sam Bultitude

Presales Manager, UiPath

Photo of Pawan Sharma

Pawan Sharma

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, UiPath

Many questions arise when approaching Robotic Process Automation (RPA): does it require coding skills? Is it easy to do? How does it involve AI and how flexible is it? More important - where and how do I start?
Register for the RPA Essentials Webinar Series to find out first-hand what makes automation a hot topic on both business and developer agendas across the world. From its early benefits, to scalability and deployment, we’ve structured everything in three short webinars, providing you great insight into one of the most coveted technologies today.
Webinar Sessions:
  • Session #1: What is RPA and why the hype? 
  • Session #2: RPA Challenges + Journey
  • Session #3: Our approach to RPA



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