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What's New in the 20.10 Release of Studio Family


Photo of Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall

Product Manager, UiPath

It's easy to build automations if you have the right canvas. UiPath Studio family allows both business users and RPA developers to create resilient automations that stand the test of time.

Find out the latest features included in our 20.10 release of the Studio family of products.

  • Save, publish, share, and reuse UI Descriptors at different points in the design process, for more reliable workflows with Object Repository
  • Create complex types that encapsulate multiple data in Studio and use them in projects, assets, forms, variables, and much more with Data Entities
  • Get an in-depth look at StudioX and how you too can build simple task automation

Watch the recording of this exclusive session and learn what new Studio and StudioX features will help you create reliable automations.

This webinar is part of the 20.10 Long-Term Support Release Product Deep-dive series. Register for instant on-demand access.


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