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UiPath 2018 Release Webinar

Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Transformation through Enterprise Automation


Photo of Boris Krumrey

Boris Krumrey

Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath

Photo of Bobby Patrick

Bobby Patrick

CMO, UiPath

We’re pleased to introduce you to the UiPath 2018 Release, our most comprehensive upgrade to the fastest selling software platform for Enterprise Automation.

UiPath 2018 Release: Webinar overview

Tested and proven Enterprise-RPA industry firsts – 10,000 operational robots, tight integration with ecosystem partners such as Oracle, revamped UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Edition, full enablement of Python development and more.

See how you can gain higher operational resiliency, increased flexibility, and more robust security while also benefiting from embedded machine learning capabilities and new AI services, among many others.

This is one webinar you surely don’t want to miss out - register on demand and find out exactly how to accelerate your digital transformation with the UiPath 2018 Release!


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