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Work Ahead Webinar Series:
How AI can Continuously Improve and Scale Automations


Photo of Abhinav Kolhe

Abhinav Kolhe

Robotics and Cognitive Automation Leader, Cognizant

Photo of Trevor Dagg

Trevor Dagg

Director Application Development, Evros Technology Group

Photo of Sunil Tahilramani

Sunil Tahilramani

Director of Artificial Intelligence, UiPath

The extensive capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) have proven to boost automation efforts across various industries and allow organizations to automate increasingly complex processes. From intelligent document processing to robots making machine learning based predictions – AI is a critical part of scaling.

The two companies – Cognizant and Evros Technology Group – operating in different industries and continents have seen the value AI brought to their operations. Hear how intelligent technologies – AI Center (former AI Fabric) and Document Understanding allow RPA teams to scale by automating more, and more complex tasks.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear how Evros Technology Group is increasingly using intelligent process automation to reduce humans’ workload with unattended robots
  • Learn what an efficient procurement process can look like when you rely on artificial intelligence
  • Discover the different use cases Cognizant is helping their customers across different industries that add AI to RPA

This webinar is part of the Work Ahead webinar series.


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