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A public welfare program for a safer return from COVID-19

COVID-19 Challenge

Managing the safe return flow of people back to the now COVID-19 free areas

Conquering COVID-19 has been a hard-fought battle that is still in progress in most parts of the world. The regions who have won the fight, need to make sure that the pandemic doesn't come back as people return to a more normal lifestyle. Places that draw crowds such as parks, city centers, schools, business centers, or public transport must be monitored 24/7 to ensure a controlled flow of people returning to normalcy.


The “Conquer COVID-19 Digital Employee" was created by UiPath and Jiangsu DepthsData Technology to monitor pedestrian traffic flow through public areas. The bot analyzes a massive amount of data and compiles a real-time traffic report, issuing warnings when traffic flow is at risk of being too dense.