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Accelerating Covid-19 Testing, while reducing wait times

COVID-19 Challenge

The volume of virus tests is growing immensely.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is approving organizations to become a testing site (labs, Walgreens, hospitals, etc.). The demand at these facilities will be immense, and there will be long queues of people waiting to take tests. COVID-19 testing protocol requires a patient is looked up in the testing site’s electronic medical record (EMR) and added to the system if a new client. Then the patient’s data and results must be stored, sent to the CDC, and reported back to the patient. This process can add to the total time patients are waiting in the queue to take their tests—leading to approx. 6-hour waiting lines, the news has been reporting on in South Korea.


One of the largest hospitals in the U.S. set up and deployed an attended robot in 48 hours that takes patient data, sees if they are already a patient in the EMR via a Citrix environment, records the test results, and sends them to the CDC. While it takes a human 2-3 minutes to execute, the UiPath Robot executes in 14-16 seconds.